Hosting a memorable party is no small feat. And tea parties call for a specific vibe, affecting decorations, food preparation, and invited guests. However, coming up with a solid theme at the planning stage of your occasion can influence a more cohesive event planning. There will also be less worry on your part because with a theme, you just have to make sure every decision complements the selected theme.

Party planning can be stressful, so be sure to surround yourself with creative and proactive people who already have experience with planning parties. The themes in this list are already good on their own, but if you want a totally unique one, just use them as inspiration for your amazing summer tea party.

Classic English-Style Tea Party Plus

Why plus? you might ask. Well, the theme does not end in just the regular English tea party with black tea in elegant pots, scones, and finger sandwiches. This one has something extra—an additional theme. Do you want every guest to attend as characters from The Little Mermaid? How about asking them to bring your favorite movie to life—Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kill Bill? Your favorite book perhaps? Harry Potter, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Percy Jackson? The ideas are endless. Don’t forget that your main theme is English tea party, so advise your guests to modify their costumes according to the theme.

Rustic-Themed Tea Party

Contemporary rustic themes are popular among the younger crowd. Its aesthetics are amazing, and events in rustic theme are often Pinterest and Instagram worthy, highlighting its rugged beauty with earth colors and nature-inspired textures. It inspires something warm and light and exudes a natural vibe. Often used in weddings and bridal showers, you can use this theme for your own summer tea party. Just imagine how you and your girls will enjoy all the tea, desserts, beauty, and laughter. You can rest assured this event will be all over your circle’s social media pages. It will be a definite success.

Iced Tea / Bubble Tea Party

Hey, it’s summer. If you want your tea party to adapt to the season’s heat, you can always go with iced tea. This is ideal if your summer tea party is set on the beach. When the sun is beating down, a refreshing glass of iced tea in hand can make everything right in the world again. Take the refreshment to the next level and serve bubble tea to your guests. There is a long list of heavenly flavors to choose from—honeydew milk tea, peach fruit tea, taro milk tea, wintermelon milk tea, and many, many more! So if you have the budget for it, serve as many flavors of bubble tea as you can. Bubble tea is a popular drink among young people, so your guests will definitely love it if this is added to your selection of summer tea-party refreshments.

Summer Tea Party Hybrid

This theme is more on the wild side. If you love tea and drinks at the same time, why not highlight both in the summer tea party you’re planning? As this is a good way to unwind, you and your guests can enjoy this event on a Friday night or during the weekend. Imagine yourself enjoying all the delicious tea and desserts in the afternoon teatime and then replacing the beverages with party drinks and filling the venue with bright lights when the evening arrives. It’s a great way to celebrate the summer.

Tea parties are pretty much the same—tea, delicious bite-sized food, free and pleasant conversation in every corner. But it doesn’t mean you can’t come up with innovative ideas to make your own tea party stand out, more memorable than the average tea and biscuits. Creativity turns regular get-togethers into enchanting, unique events that will charm every guest. If you are not confident of your own skills at party planning, ask friends to help out. That will make it all the more memorable.

You don’t need the best event organizers. You yourself can plan this summer tea party and gain amazing results. Just be sure to come up with a great party idea and base every tea powder, bag, and leaf, as well as decoration and food preparation, according to the theme. Organize everything to a T, kick-start the merriment, and have fun in the best summer tea party ever.
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