Planning a big event that you’ve got a large guest list for can be stressful because quite frankly, it can be difficult to fit a large party of people into one space comfortably. There are many reasons as to why you may want a large space for a party, including: weddings, farewell parties, big birthday milestones, christenings, funerals, or a weekend away with a large group of people. Whatever your reason is, we think that you should be considering a party house to rent for your next big event, and here are a tonne of reasons why.

Hot tubs

No matter where you’re from, what your hobbies are, your race, sex, or gender, the slight mention of a hot tub should be enough to convince you that you need to hire a party house for your next big event. Imagine sinking back into the hot tub with a large glass of your favourite wine, your best friends around you, watching the sunset and chatting long into the night. Even if your party is staying during the winter, having a hot tub on site gives you the chance to spend time outside without freezing yourself to death!

Beautiful settings

If you’re throwing a huge event, it’s likely that you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of money to please your guests and make sure everyone has a good time. And you know what happens when the good times are flowing? Pictures are taken! With country homes from Landed Houses, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in breathtaking settings that will be perfect for capturing those perfect moments from your event. Whether you’re looking for a party house that is vast and magnificent, or grand but cosy, you’re sure to find somewhere that’s going to be the perfect backdrop for your event. It’s the perfect chance to really up your insta game!

Easy payment options

One of the main reasons for a party house is so that a large group of people can get away together for the weekend without being dotted about in different hotels. Party houses give you your upfront cost straight away, meaning that you can all chip in for part of the cost. Not only that but if you’re looking for an unusual length of stay, you’ll be able to find out the cost on the website before agreeing to pay unknowingly.

Your own space 

Spending the weekend away with those that are nearest and dearest to you is an incredible experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to make memories, capture images that will last a lifetime and most importantly enjoy each other’s company. However, no matter how close you are as a group, it’s nice to have your own space every now and then and with party houses, you can have exactly that! With most party houses you can expect a surplus of 7 bedrooms, meaning that if you fancy some time alone to relax, have a nap, or simply get ready for the day ahead, you can do so without compromising your privacy.

Plenty of included leisure

 If you’re looking at renting a party house for the weekend, it’s very likely that you’re going to want the most out of the money you’re spending, and with party houses, you won’t be disappointed! Many party houses in the UK feature leisure activities such as: 

-Indoor and outdoor swimming pools 
-Pool table 
-Ping pong/table 
-Garden furniture 
-Fireplaces to cosy up by in the evenings 
-Large communal areas Cooking facilities, or catering options for those that don’t feel like cooking 
-Pets allowed so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home 

Of course, each party house will have varied facilities, but with a list as long as your arm, you’re bound to always find something to do! If you’re hosting an event and not everyone is staying at the house, many of the country homes have ballrooms with plenty of space for very large events too.

So, rather than celebrating your big event close to home in a hired venue, why not go all out and hire one of the best UK party houses so that you can create memories that will last a lifetime! Whoever you’re going with and for whatever reason, don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the company of those you love the most! Hiring a party house is most definitely something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime!

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