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“Ruby, unlike diamonds, its value does not depend on carat size – it is about the intensity of the color and how to show its features after the cutting. It is clear that the Rose of Mozambique has a very strong color and excellent clarity” Santpal Sinchawla explained that he has been involved in the ruby ​​trade since 1963 and participated in the first auction of Gemfields ruby stones in 2014. To achieve true “preciousness”, the ruby ​​red color must blend perfectly with color, saturation and hue. After the auction, eight experts from the Sant team cut the Rose of Mozambique to show its brilliance. In the process of cutting, preforming, forming and polishing, you need to have a deep understanding of this gem to ensure the release of its true beauty. Sant's craftsmen carefully placed the ruby ​​on a synthetic resin rod, which is critical to ensure that the wheel cuts the ruby ​​to enhance the final bright surface. In the process, the 12.24-carat ruby ​​stone was cut and polished, eventually becoming the 7.67-carat Rose of Mozambique. The end result is a pure, vibrant ruby ​​that is crystal clear and full of color – a key factor in determining the value of the Rose of Mozambique.
Ruby can be more valuable than any colored gemstone. In recent years, the price of a single ruby ​​of high quality ruby ​​has also frequently broken the auction record. Now, the Sant team is looking for the perfect partner to put this ruby ​​into the exquisite jewels. As one of Gemfields' first customers of ruby ​​stone, Sinchawla visited the Montepuez ruby ​​mine in Cabo Delgado province, northeast of Mozambique, and was impressed with its responsible procurement approach. “It’s very organized and well maintained,” he recalls. “In fact, we’re very surprised by the size of the mine and we’ve been impressed with the workforce.” In 2014, Gemfields auctioned the gems for the first time at the Singapore auction, and since then, Mozambique took over the source of most of the rubies found in Myanmar as a gemstone market in Thailand (the global ruby ​​trade centre). “Before Mozambique, very few high quality rubies were discovered,” explains Adrian Banks, director of product and sales at Gemfields. “Our secondary deposits produce very good rubies – almost the best rubies in the world. These gems move slowly along the riverbed for millions of years to arrive here, so only the finest gems can be preserved in the movement of the water. Since 2014, Gemfields has auctioned some very large sizes and special rubies such as 'Dragon Eye' and 'Rhino' Ruby - now as 'Rose of Mozambique'. Monogram pendant necklaces getnamenecklace is a perfect gift for lovers.
Emerald is produced in completely different types of rock formations. Their chemical elements are originally divided into different geological structures. It is unlikely that they will meet together. This chance of accident is very rare in the process of earth growth. Although the emerald and Morgan stone, aquamarine, etc. are the same beryl family, in fact, most emeralds are derived from crystalline schist formed through regional metamorphism, and the pegmatite granites formed by acidic ignetization produce crystals through the part. That is to say, it was formed under the extremely rare environment with completely opposite geological activity.
It is estimated that only one of every 1 million beryl minerals is emerald, and its rareness is evident. In fact, at the Thai Jewelry Show last year, the price of emeralds has shown a sharp upward trend. With the gradual reduction of the amount of minerals in the world, it is an inevitable law that prices will go up. Previously, international authoritative jewelry organizations have also conducted a survey. From 2018 onwards, the main market and rising categories of the jewelry market are more optimistic about couples birthstone necklaces get name necklace, emeralds, diamonds (color diamonds) and rubies. Especially the emeralds of good quality, if the origin is Colombia, Zambia and Brazil, according to the quality, the price per carat is more than 1000-1500 US dollars; The price of emeralds from famous mines such as Muzo and Chivoor in Colombia and Panjshir in Afghanistan will at least doubled! In addition, emeralds are loved by royalty and celebrity stars. High-quality emeralds are included in royal jewelry, fine jewelry, and private collections. Most of them can only be seen in news, exhibitions and auctions. For example, the emerald crown made by Boucheron in 1919 was worn by Britain's princess eugenie at her recent wedding, according to British jeweler Eddie LeVian, the estimated price is 35 million pounds, equivalent to more than 300 million yuan! In recent years, whether it is the auction house or the market, the price of emeralds is gradually rising – even if the amount of mineral deposits is decreasing, the popularity is only increasing, and the “expensive” of emeralds is unexpected.
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