Treats are a huge part of raising a dog. Owners use them to reward their dogs during training, reinforce good behavior, or simply make their pooches happy. Treats constitute about 10 percent of a dog’s diet, so it’s vital to choose treat varieties that are not only tasty but are also healthy for them.

There are tons of doggy treats in the market now. Get to know the different types of dog treats to know which ones are perfect for your furry four-legged best friend.

Biscuit Treats

A popular snack for canine pets, biscuit treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Doggy biscuits are very much like the ones for people to eat. These biscuits are hard and crunchy, but unlike the doggy ones don’t taste like chocolate, strawberry, or butterscotch. Dog biscuits usually taste like chicken, beef, liver, or milk—flavors that dogs can’t resist. 

Look for biscuits that are low in calories and contain nutrients, like protein, fiber, and calcium in moderate doses. Avoid giving your dog treats that are too high in certain nutrients; otherwise, there may be a surplus of these nutrients in the body that can negatively affect their health.

When buying a biscuit treat for you bud, choose the size that is proportional to their own. Too small, and they may not be satisfied. Too big, and they may not be able to eat the treat. Further, getting the right treat size also minimizes the risk of the dog choking.

Soft and Tender Treats

Like doggy biscuits, soft treats are available in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors, only that the texture is tender and chewy. Soft and chewy treats have a strong appeal to most dogs. Their texture makes them easier to eat and digest too, so they’re perfect to provide instant reward during training. Choose low-calorie dog treats that high quality and filled with essential nutrients.

Dental Chews

Dental treats are typically made from cornstarch or other digestible materials. They are favored by dog owners because they promote dogs’ dental health. Most dental treats promise to remove tar and plaque and freshen the dog’s breath with every chew.

If you like getting your dog dental treats, remember to check whether these are digestible or not. In addition, test the hardness of the treat by banging it on your knee. If it hurts, then that treat will be too hard for your dog to chew on. Although dogs’ teeth are strong and durable, they can still break very painfully. Take care of their teeth by avoiding chews that are too hard.

Digestible Animal-Derived Treats

Examples of digestible animal-derived treats are bully sticks, pig ears, jerky, and pig snouts. Most of these treats are made by thoroughly cleaning the animal part and drying them before cooking or slow-roasting the part. They’re favorites among pets and pet owners because they are long-lasting quality treats and they retain their irresistible meaty taste. 

One of the biggest pros of this type of treat is that they’re almost always 100 percent digestible, so owners don’t have to worry about digestive blockage. However, owners should always be careful and watch over their dogs when chewing on treats as the little guy can choke on a torn piece of treat.

There are also nondigestible treats derived from animals, like antlers, cow hooves, and bones. You can give them to your dog but not without supervision. This type of treats presents a high choking hazard.

Choosing the Best Treat for Fido

Dogs love treats, and humans love to give them some. Although most treats are delicious and appealing to dogs, not all of them are good for your buddy. To find the best treats for Fido, you must first know what you have to avoid.

Don’t buy treats with containing like BHA/BHT, artificial colors, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and gluten. Be as critical in choosing doggy treats as you are when picking your buddy’s dog food. Anything that your dog puts in their mouth can have a direct impact on their health.

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