What you place on your skin affects how the skin will look like. This is why skincare products attest to being all-natural and organic or at least being safe to use on the skin. But what exactly are the benefits of using organic skincare items? How do they fare on the face? And are they really better? Answers to these questions and more below.

What exactly are natural and organic skincare items? 

There are many skincare items today that focus on the natural and organic aspects of their ingredients. Natural and organic skincare is usually targeted towards people with sensitive skin which is why these skincare items ensure that whatever ingredients are used on the product are shown on the packaging and product itself. However, natural and organic skincare ingredients differ from each other. 

Both natural and organic ingredients have to adhere to strict regulations. These products cannot add artificial fragrance and pigmentation into their products. Added preservatives and surfactants are subject to certain restrictions as well. When plant-based ingredients are placed into skincare products, these must be sterilized and purified to ensure that no microorganisms and bacteria are stored within the product's base. 

Thus, natural products are products that are synthesized by chemical processes while organic products are raw materials that undergo certified standards and processes to preserve their organic state. Now that we know the difference between them, here are 5 benefits to using organic skincare items.

Pure Ingredients 

Organic skincare items rely on the raw material that is not laden with chemicals to bring out the best in your skin. Organic products use ingredients in their purest form and contain no harmful additives. Most organic products will include either plant-based or mineral actives or a combination of these to amp up the power of the natural ingredients. Formulated and produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides, organic products contain nutrients that our bodies require hence pure ingredients are best used to bring out your best looking self.

Non-allergenic and Great for Sensitive Skin 

The pure ingredients in natural and organic products mean that these items are great if not better choice for the more sensitive skin types. It is all about simplicity when it comes to sensitive skin. One does not need an extensive skincare routine to take care of it. Caring for sensitive skin means removing common irritants and being diligent about reading ingredients lists. Many of the approved and suggested ingredients list for sensitive skin are natural ingredients like honey, green and white tea extract, oatmeal, shea butter and more. Always remember to patch test before purchasing an item.

Eco-friendly and Cruelty-Free 

Many natural and organic skincare items proudly present their eco-friendly and cruelty-free badges on their products. Just like Marlowe’s Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion made with their signature blend of extracts from green tea, passionflower, willow bark, and deep-sea algae organic skincare items are true to its word for being vegan and untested on animals. These products are usually made to be recyclable and do not contain any harmful materials like paraben.

More Effective 

Because natural and organic skincare contains pure ingredients the effectiveness of these products is much faster and stays on longer than its chemical counterparts. It helps the skin repair itself and boosts the results over time making one look their best for longer. For example, Spirulina, also known as cyanobacteria contains anti-inflammatory properties and can help slow down the effects of aging as well as detoxify and tone skin.

Long Term Results 

The better results and effectiveness of natural and organic products in skincare means that long term results are almost always common. This would mean that you wouldn’t have to always nitpick at the things that keep popping up on your face. Because you’ve eliminated the toxins and synthetic chemicals from your routine, your skin will look better than it ever was before. Natural ingredients help reduce wrinkles and pigmentation discoloration, creating smoother skin with improved texture. Healthy looking skin is the goal and natural is the way to go. Keep your skin in tip-top shape by going natural and choosing the right kinds of organic products that are best suited for your skin type. Start as early as today!
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