Each season has its own appeal but when it comes to vacationing, most people plan their trips to take advantage of the summer sun. And while that’s a great time for a getaway, vacationing in the summer months does have some of its own challenges; and if you’re vacationing only in the summer, you’re missing out on some spectacular sights and experiences. 

If you want an entirely new adventure, try looking into a fall vacation instead. Depending on where you go, you can still enjoy the warm weather - or something entirely different - while also experiencing less traffic from other tourists. And if you want to skip the traditional beach vacation, here’s some great places to go.

Rocky Mountains

 Although fall offers a distinct vacation experience, the Rocky Mountains, because of its height and various environments, offers visitors the opportunity at a three- or even four-season experience. For instance, higher elevations bring crisp temperatures with snow and skiing available at such resorts as Estes Park. 

From lower elevations, the contrast of the white-capped tips against the blue sky are photographic opportunities worthy of an entire photo-bugging day. Taking your camera higher, the lush forest below with its autumnal orchid, rust, and evergreen is rich--especially in the fog of the morning. 

However, lower elevations offer warmer, spring and summer weather. For instance, at places like Bear Lake, you can get quite warm in the sun in a boat while also enjoying the fall views of stark, stony mountain faces cupped in yellows and greens. Nearby, at Nymph Lake, visitors can enjoy the temperate water environs layered in nothing but floating lilies that fill the air with a wonderful fantasy aura of peace and solitude.

Nordic Europe 

A hop and jump away from the Colorado Rockies, travelers can relish in the singular views of a variety of countries, such as Denmark, Finland, or Sweden. Not only is there a gorgeous juxtaposition of modern and old-world architecture in these countries, but the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. 

One of the best things to experience here are the majestic fjords, which only become more gorgeous when saturated with fall colors. It’s the reason why Scandinavian cruises are always one of the top cruises in the world. And on top of that, the fall is the perfect time to experience the aurora borealis, shimmering at night in the northern skies. In terms of visuals, nothing beats it. It reflects off the water, off the first snows, and finishes off a colorful landscape that cannot be beaten. There are plenty of port cities to visit as well, which will give you a chance to immerse yourself in a fascinating culture.

The Mediterranean 

The Mediterranean is an immensely popular area of the world to frequent for vacation - and for good reason. It’s a mishmash of a variety of cultures and cuisines, all united by the colorful, calming waters surrounding them. Whether you decide to visit Italy, Greece, or Morocco, you’re in for a fascinating, enriching getaway. 

If you do not want to fight crowds, of course, a rejuvenating trip to the Canary Islands offers you the ability to enjoy islands borne of volcanoes in relative spacious peace and quiet. Tenerlife is the largest of the Canary Islands, just off the coast of West Africa, and it’s the perfect place to get a few more days of summer sun, even as late as October or November. It has beaches, it has food, and it’s a family-friendly destination that will not disappoint. 

If you plan to book a cruise of the Mediterranean, two of the best fall destinations include Sicily and Sardinia. The fall allows you to enjoy fewer tourists along with the fact that the vineyards and lush gardens are still in full production. That means fresh olives and dates and wine without the crowds.


Of course, for many people, fall is the quintessential season of color, and if you want to enjoy such color to the absolute fullest capability of the visual and olfactory spectrum, you must book a retreat in Japan. For instance, at Lake Daigenta, while standing along the gasp-worthy suspension bridges, visitors can enjoy views of the mountains and crisp blue waters. 

That said, for the true burst of color for which autumn is known, you will do yourself a disservice if you fail to visit Tokugawa Garden. Here, with the bridges and the water, the intermingling dappled blossoms of Japanese apricot and cherry trees allow you to experience the soul of the world. Here, you can breathe and relax in the way only the unseen Samurai of yesterday did, whom, by the way, still haunt the paths, or so they say, in eternal meditation. 


Of course, Canada has as much to offer fall vacationers as any country on the planet. With its ever-changing topography, you can experience different vacations in the very same five-day jaunt. For instance, Victoria, British Columbia offers lush gardens and traditional fall colors while the aforementioned Rocky Mountains stretch all the way to Alberta in brilliant blues and yellow birch.

 In Nova Scotia, the landscape is less rocky and more round, the hills snaking up and down along the horizon across all of Cape Breton. That said, this is Canada, so among already amazing sights, there exist outliers even more amazing still. These locations include the 86-mile Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway that weaves like a tendril across what soon becomes a land of vast undulating ice. The treeline declines, giving way to domes of ice and earth, as the highway itself proceeds ever north, always able to provide another photographic moment just around the bend.
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