Parties are known for being expensive, so it is understandable why some people are intimidated to throw one when they have a limited budget. It doesn't help that social media culture glorifies crazy expensive events with glamorous decorations in extravagant settings. Any gathering can be fun as long beloved family and friends surround you and you need to believe it. 

If you want to throw a frugal party, you need to be realistic with your plans. It is not practical to hire live entertainment when there's barely enough food for guests and other things like that. The best way to tackle this challenge is always to plan ahead because it helps you oversee where the money goes. Read on below for more tips:

Decide on a Theme 

Having a theme adds cohesiveness to the party, especially when you are organizing it. Decisions such as colors, decorations, and food, for example, are much easier to make because the theme narrows down what you need. It helps you save money in the long run because you don't impulsively purchase decorations and other stuff because you're not all over the place.

 You can go for popular party themes or niche ones that you like. However, if you want to save money, you should go for the latter because trendy things tend to be cheaper. For example, when you buy supplies for a Minecraft party, you can easily find cheap stuff online because it's well-known. 

Whereas, if you go for a quirky party concept such as F. Scott Fitzgerald characters, for example, you're going to have a hard time looking for decorations on hand. If you're not making decors yourself with DIY, they're going to be expensive too.

Have The Party at Home 

A limited budget may also mean that you can only invite a certain number of people. Instead of blowing most of the money on a venue, have it at your home instead. It's easier on your wallet and you don't have to take care of additional responsibilities such as booking venues and signing contracts.

Make the Event a Potluck 

If you and your group of friends want to gather but you all don't have a budget for it, host a potluck party. Everyone should bring a dish to share with everyone. The guests should also be informed about what kind of food to bring especially when you have a theme in mind. 

As a host, it is your responsibility to make sure the food will be enough for everybody. Get in touch with guests who will attend the potluck party and ask what they're bringing. This is to avoid everyone bringing dessert foods only and with no proper finger foods or drinks, you might all starve.

Use Online Invitations 

Nowadays, most people are more attuned social media and their emails. Paper invites may not be that expensive but when you are throwing a frugal party, every cent counts. Instead of buying cards and stationery, use online invitations to let your guests know about your party. 

Another advantage of using digital invites is that you can track it online. Paper invitations could get lost in the mail, so there's a chance that some of your guests might not know about it. Most people rely on apps to remind them about upcoming events, so using social media for RSVPs or emails is more convenient for all.

Party Games Instead of Hiring Entertainment 

Realistically, you won't have enough money to hire outside entertainment and if it's only an intimate gathering with friends. You and your guests can still have fun playing party games. Make sure to choose entertaining games that don't make use of props. If you need ideas, it is a perfect time to revisit traditional games like these.

Part With Something Sweet 

For frugal parties, loot bags are out of the question. You can send your guests home with their tummies full and hearts happy from the conversation and entertainment. 

However, if you want to have them bring home something, consider preparing a bowl of candies or little snacks that each one can pick from to take home. Consider candies and snacks with exotic flavors to give away because the local store-bought variants are overrated and boring. This method is considerably cheaper, and you introduce something new to your friends. 

Feel free to share personal tips on how to throw a frugal party in the comments section below.

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