Let's face it. Sometimes life gets in the way. Moms on the go are notorious for being the last one to shower, or the last one to eat. Busy Beauty has you covered! Check out their mission:

At Busy Beauty, we know that confidence is the best cosmetic. Our goal is to keep women feeling fresh, clean, and confident 24/7. Busy Beauty's mission is to cut down the amount of time needed for a beauty routine, while offering a portable solution that gives fresh confidence all day long.

I don't know about you, but when I am going for a workout and then I have to go do errands, I don't always have time for a quick shower. Busy Beauty has a gift set that is PERFECT for anyone on the go, or even if you are an outdoors women! The Busy Beauty Showerless Gift Kit has everything you need to get that fresh feeling!

What is in it? The Showerless Gift Kit allows you to shampoo, condition, wash, and shave - all in under 5 minutes without water! 

The huge wet wipes come in a pack of 10. They are odor free and leave your skin feeling super soft! Showerless Shave Gel contains tea tree oil and clove leaf oil, which both have antibacterial properties. Ginger root oil reduces irritation from the razor, while eucalyptus leaf oil increases circulation for a healthy glow. It also doubles as a moisturizer!

Everything is TSA approved too! You don't have to worry about checking it in your bag or having to leave it behind. These products are also small enough to keep in your purse or your car! The dry shampoo makes your hair feel fresh! Rice and oat starches eliminate oil, sweat, and odor while adding volume and texture to your hair. Let's not forget about the dry conditioner! I LOVE THIS STUFF! It  is safe for all hair types and colors, including color-treated hair. 

This kit is inexpensive and will make a great holiday gift! It can be found on their website here for $34! Check it out and let me know what you think! You can also visit their social media below to stay up to date with the latest!

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