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Maybe when you were younger, you had a passion for collecting Pok√©mon cards or maybe cosplaying as your favorite character, and it gave you a sense of bliss away from the troubles of school. As an adult, you’re suddenly expected to be serious and ditch the passions you had as a kid even if you still love them till now. In the end, you end up getting too much stress, and you can’t find a way to release it. There’s no shame in having a hobby, no matter how obscure it is, as it helps you cope with life. 

Hobbies are as important for adults as they are for kids. They give you energy, excitement, new friends, and personality. They’re the best way to combat stress and burnout. Anything can be a hobby, and starting a hobby doesn’t have to cost a lot or require a lot of time. It can be started gradually and slowly until you get the hang of it. 

Don’t be afraid of what people might think of your hobby. It’s something that’s for you and that you want to enjoy. It can be coffee roasting or thrifting—you do what you like doing or what you want to do.

How To Find A Hobby
  1. Consult your past self. There might be something you stopped without any particular reason, but it made you happy when you were younger. You probably stopped out of embarrassment, or maybe it fell out of habit. It’s better if you pick it up again if thinking about it brings you joy and excitement. If you only have nice things to say about the hobby and you feel giddy about it, then it’s a sign you must pick it up again. 
  2. Check out your friends’ hobbies. Are your friends into golf? Do they constantly talk about their recent achievements or maybe ideal golf cart chargers they found in the market? Or maybe they settle for something like video games and crafting? Maybe you should give it a chance and see if you might like it. It’s a great way to catch up with your friends and learn more about them while enjoying a newfound hobby. This new hobby might even teach you something new. 
  3. Check your budget. Some hobbies can be quite expensive, but some can be really affordable. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, maybe settle for something simple, and gradually work toward that dream hobby. While the real world stings and hobbies make you forget about that, you should never leave out the real hard facts of money and having to invest it in some hobbies. 
  4. Try out something new. Is there a new thing that you found online that you want to try? It could be gardening, painting, or maybe something entirely new like DIY fashion and carpentry. If you find yourself studying this and researching more information on how to do it and how to improve, maybe you should invest in it and start doing it. It can be scary and intimidating since you’ll find yourself comparing your work to others, but with enough dedication, you might even surpass them. 
  5. Fit it to your personality. The hobby you want to get into is stand-up comedy, but imagining a crowd in front of you makes you sick. Maybe that hobby isn’t for you. If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend time alone, choose something that you can enjoy alone, and gradually join in groups at your own pace. If you like serious discussions, go for hobbies that require research and intellectual exchange to make you feel at home. The bottom line is, don’t outright force yourself to do things right away. Slowly learn and work toward a hobby so you can get better at it. 
  6. Constantly challenge yourself. You want to try writing stories but have no idea how to? Start reading other people’s work, and be inspired by their masterpieces and learn from their mistakes. Writing and other hobbies that require constant practice and improvement will eventually help you develop into a better and more skilled person. Opt for a hobby that gives you more positive traits and makes you learn new skills so it can help you climb up the corporate ladder or gain self-confidence. If you find yourself consistently challenging yourself in an activity, then it’s a good sign to pick that up as a hobby.
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