It is a well-known fact that barbeque (BBQ) is hugely popular in America. In addition to enjoying the company of family and friends, it’s a great way to enjoy grilled meat if prepared properly. As much as it has been a home-grown tradition, finding great BBQ recipes has been quite a challenge. This is especially when you have to suit the occasion, match your current mood etc. I’ve been trying to look for solutions that could help me generate new ideas for preparing homemade bbq sauces and luckily I came across a list of apps that had some great amazing suggestions.

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Staying fit with healthy BBQ recipes

One thing we most often tend to overlook is the health aspect when preparing a BBQ recipe. This is because we try to include as many flavors into it as possible with various homemade BBQ sauces. However, there are alternative options to make them healthy too. This could include vegetarian diets such as eggplant patties and vegetable skewers which can be grilled and consumed.

Alternatively, you can visit restaurants such as Sonnys BBQ that offers healthy recipes prepared by professional chefs. Apps such as BBQ Grill Recipes have 1000s of recipes to choose from including healthy ones that your family can try and enjoy. Opting for healthy BBQ recipes is a great way to lose fat but also continue with the family tradition.

Learning BBQ recipes from trusted sources

You might call over some friends in an attempt to impress them with your newly learned BBQ recipe. But chances are that you are not even sure that it would work especially if you are preparing it for the first time. One way to get around this is to have well-reviewed recipes that you get from trusted sources.

There are Apps that compile and populate recipes from sources you can pick and choose based on your preferences in terms of cooking style, ingredients or even your favorite chef if you’ve got one. For example, Traeger has a community-based App that populates suggestion from people. This way you can never run out of ideas and recommendations if you are looking for a BBQ sauce recipe.
Impress your relatives and friends with new recipes

Whoever you decide to host for a BBQ, grilling for a crowd can be quite a task. In addition to guessing how the sauces would turn out, you may not even be sure if there’d be enough food to go around. Fortunately, with Apps such as Grill Recipes, you can never run out of ideas. Whatever the crowd that you decide to call over to your place, you could offer sauces that are designed specifically for large crowds.

You might even want to plan a full menu of BBQ that you have never tried before. Though it can be risky especially if it’s your first time, doing it in front of a large gathering can be even more intimidating. Hopefully, with a guided App that can take you through the steps of preparing the sauces, it can help you to some extent.


Some of the best-enjoyed BBQ parties are the ones with great friends and family who are happy with the food. Thought to prepare the sauces and meat can be quite daunting, with the help of a few apps, it should help you manage it better and thereby have a great time hosting a crowd whatever size it may be.

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