Your BFF is getting married soon, and you're honored she chose you to be her maid of honor. In addition to dress fittings and other wedding-related tasks, you and the other bridesmaids want to throw your friend an epic bachelorette party.
Now, if you all had unlimited time and funds, you would whisk your bestie away to Paris for an amazing weekend. But since this is not exactly the case, you're hoping to plan a budget-friendly party that's versatile in terms of time commitment and group size.
Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to celebrate your friend in a fashion that won’t break the bank or take up tons of time. For example, check out the following fun ideas:

1. Host a Slumber Party

When it comes to the ultimate in ladies-only fun, you can't beat a slumber party. Host the sleepover at whichever attendant’s home has the most room, or you can also look into renting an affordable Airbnb or hotel room for the night. 
For the activities, channel your inner teenager and plan on giving each other manis and pedis with crazy colorful polish; watch silly comedies or scary movies on TV; load up on junk food and/or order pizza; and stay up super late sharing funny stories and laughing your heads off.

2. Splurge on a Destination Celebration

Another great bachelorette party idea that can be surprisingly affordable is a destination celebration that allows all of you to get away together. For instance, if the bride-to-be has always wanted to take a cruise, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable certain cruises can be. 
If you're game, score big on some great Alaskan cruise prices via If you choose a shorter vacation and plan it well in advance — or take advantage of some last-minute deals — it can turn into a quite reasonable trip that's sure to be a blast for a group of friends to enjoy together. 
Plus, the selfie group shots you take with a glacier in the background will be the talk of social media for days.

3. Register for a Bachelorette Cooking Class

If you all love to eat great food and/or the bride has mentioned wanting to hone her cooking skills, a cooking class is the perfect choice for a foodie-themed bachelorette party. Not only will you get to improve your culinary skills together, but you'll also get to eat whatever tasty food you have prepared at the end of the class. 
As a bonus, many cooking classes will either serve up wine or let you bring in your own bottle. As for how to find a class, check with local kitchen stores as well as gourmet food shops.

4. Consider Doing a Bar Crawl

For brides-to-be who enjoy a nice cold beer, a bar crawl can be a fun and budget-friendly bachelorette party idea. Choose a few bars that are in proximity to each other; ideally you can walk to each one.
If the bride is okay with getting some attention, she can wear something festive like a tiara and a bride-to-be T-shirt while the rest of you wear colorful boas and other celebratory accessories. You might end up being treated to a round or two by patrons who want to congratulate the bride on her upcoming big day. 
Just be sure to set aside money in the party budget for Uber or Lyft rides to and from the bar crawl, so everyone can imbibe and get home safely.

Have a Wonderful Time Celebrating the Beautiful Bride

Years from now, when the bride-to-be looks back at her bachelorette party, she definitely won't remember how much money you spent on her or the degree of lavish the occasion was. What she will recall is the wonderful time you had as a group of friends, whether it was a hilarious slumber party, a scenic cruise, cooking class, bar crawl, or whatever you planned to celebrate your wonderful friend’s major life event.
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