Commercial vehicles are not just tools for transporting goods from point A to B. They are mini billboards and a great way to get your name out there. If you have a business that requires commercial trucks, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to customize it to feature the company logo. Local businesses go a step further to include phone numbers and other contact details on their trucks. From custom semi truck to commercial van, all your vehicles in your fleet needs to deliver your brand message and in a way that’s consistent.

In technical terms, that means wrapping the trucks, using custom wraps including your brand colors. If you are thinking if you should get a custom paint job done or a go for wrapping, then this article is for you. If you want a one-line answer, wrapping is a better choice for commercial vehicles in almost every way. Here are 9 reasons why.

You Can Achieve Unique Looks

There is no limit to what you can achieve with a vehicle wrap. That’s mainly because the main design process is digital. That means you can come up with crazy designs and it’s going to be reproduced exactly how you envision it. Wraps also look brighter and more appealing when out on the road, thus getting more eyes on your brand. 

It Can Be Removed Easily and Quickly

Removing paint is a tedious process, not to mention it can negatively impact your truck’s resale value. Wraps are much easier to remove. This comes in handy if you change your company logo and design. You can also remove wraps and install new ones to promote seasonal offers.

It’s More Affordable 

Wraps are cheaper than paint. Not to mention the cost of removing existing paint to apply a new coat of custom paint. You can literally save thousands of dollars on every truck, that’s a huge savings if you own a fleet. The affordability of wraps is why it’s a popular choice amongst fleet owners.

You Get Consistent Results on All Vehicles

The problem with paint jobs is that it’s not always consistent. If your brand has complex design elements such as logos, texts, and gradient colors, it’s often impossible to get the same results every single time if you are having your trucks painted.

There are no such problems with wraps. They are printed using large commercial printers that produce consistent results. It’s like getting a hundred copies of the same logo using a home printer, you are always going to get identical copies of the digital design.

It Takes Less Time to Install

If time is money, then wrap is the way to go. Commercial vehicles cannot afford lengthy downtimes and most custom paint jobs take weeks to complete. However, it takes around 5 to 6 days to wrap a commercial truck. That means you are vehicle is going to be out on the road faster, earning you more money. 

No Need for Waxing or Polishing Services

One of the major challenges of keeping a painted vehicle looking great is periodic polishing and waxing. Dusty and dull vehicles simply do not represent your brand in the best light. 

Much like a printed billboard, wraps retain their color and shine without the need for waxing. All your vehicles need after being wrapped is a good old-fashioned wash,every now and then. Therefore, you not only save money on maintenance, but your commercial fleet looks vibrant on the road, no matter what the weather conditions. 

You Can Participate in the Design Process

The great thing about getting a truck wrapped, is that you get to decide every little detail of the design. Truck wrapping companies allow you to take the helm of the chief designer. Now, because the process is digital, you can send in a design you like and they can modify it to match different vehicles in your fleet. 

It Protects the Original Paint Job

Let’s not forget why wraps became popular in the first place, it was to protect the expensive paint job from UV exposure. The paint of a wrapped vehicle continues to look as good as new as it stays protected from the sun. This means when it’s time to sell your vehicle the paint job is going to look as good as new and thus fetch a better price.

Easier to Fix

Fixing a botched paint job or a nasty scratch is difficult not to mention expensive. Repairing damaged vinyl wraps is as easy as removing the damaged portion and replacing it with a new wrap. It’s much cheaper and faster. 

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