I am sure that everybody must have driven their vehicle without a license, some of you must have faced problems regarding without license driving also. But do you know there are different rules in different places, in this article we are going to discuss What are the penalties for driving without a license in Florida? 

Driving without a license

If you are aware of it, then you might be knowing that driving a vehicle without a license is a crime for which there are strict rules and punishments that you need to fulfill if got caught by the Police in Florida. Let us have a look at those penalties that one would need to complete after the Police found him.

The first thing that will happen to your after you caught by Police in Florida for driving without a license is that you will have to fill a considerable amount of fine, and believe me that fine is going to be huge. 

The next thing or penalty you could face is near about six months of jail time. Although you cannot be caught, under a jail just for driving without a license, if you tried to over speeding and didn't stop when the Police tries to stop you, then further allegations can be put on you, in which jail for at least six months is one of the punishment. 

Driving with a revoked or suspended license

The next crime we are going to talk about is driving with a revoked or suspended license in Florid. But before moving to that part, let us first know that what does a revoked and suspended license means: 

- Suspended license- You might be knowing that everything has its time limit and expiry date. Same is the case with our license, and this also has an expiry time limit after which you need to re-issue it as soon as possible because after expiry date your license gets suspended and you can't drive with a suspended license anywhere in the world. There is a particular expiry date for the license of various places, and some need to be renewed after four years which some after 5,6 years or any other. 
- Revoked License- Revoked license means your license is wholly canceled and in this case, the only option left with you is to put a request to your place's driving license office for a new driving license. There are various reasons because of which your license can be revoked, one of which is if your license is expired from a long interval. 

If someone found driving with a revoked or suspended license, then it will be counted as a criminal offense, and one can get into jail for this crime. The fine would be up to $500 and jail for up to 60 days. 

Driving with an expired license

The next crime we are going to discuss is that what penalties would one has to face if they found driving with an expired license in Florida? So as we discussed above every license has its particular expiry date within which you can use the license but after which you need to renew it. 

If you found driving with an expired license, then you would have to put a fine of $30, while if it’s found that your license is expired from past six months, then there would be strict actions taken against you. Here are those actions:

- The first action would be that you will have to spend 60 days in jail. 

- You would also have to fill a fine of $500. 

These allegations are made because you need to take care of the expiration of your driving license, you should go for renewing it as soon as it gets expired because you never know when will you, get caught by the Police. 

Driving with an Out-of-State license

Not most of you must be knowing about it that, driving in some other state without the license of that state or driving with an out-of-state license then also it is a massive crime in Florida. You would have to pay $5 fine if caught driving with an out of state license in Florida. 

If you are planning to go to Florida, then you would have to get a Florida driving license within 30 days, but it is an easy task. You would have to provide some details and documents with the help of which you can convert out of state license to Florida driving license. Here are those details:

  • Identification- The first proof is to provide proper identification. 
  • Registration- The next would be proof of registration. 
  • Out of state- The next proof would be of out of state title. 

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