Summer vacation is officially over and it’s time for the kids to go back to school! As the new school year begins, it enforces a routine and structure in the lives of young children and their parents as well. With it arrives the morning challenge of packing healthy lunches and snacks for kids’ lunches. Considered by many as one of the hardest parts about the upcoming season, to come up with fresh, kid-friendly lunch ideas day after day can be a tad tricky. Luckily, we've prepared some fast and easy organic lunch ideas to keep your kids (and you) happy. Don’t forget to keep this list handy while packing your child’s back-to-school lunch box. 

  1. Colourful Veggies
Kids and vegetables aren't exactly a match made in heaven but creating healthy eating habits early on in their lives is of utmost importance. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of our bodies. Whether you choose to roast, sauté or just add fresh organic vegetables to the lunchbox, make sure that it looks attractive for your kid. We suggest adding carrot sticks, bell pepper slices, cucumber rounds and cherry tomatoes as fresh veggies. The best roasted vegetables include asparagus, broccoli, mushroom and potatoes. 

  1. Eggs & Cheese
Considered to be amongst the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet, eggs are loaded with high-quality protein and good fats. Why not include them while making a classic cheese cream sandwich? Organic cheese is high in calcium and contains omega-3 fatty acids along with plenty of nutritious elements. Scrambled eggs with cheese, cheese omelette and Cheesy egg toast are some of the simple recipes you can try. 

  1. Fresh Fruits
Fruits provide a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants, including flavonoids. The earlier you introduce fruits to your kid’s diet, the more likely he or she will like them. Grapes, apples, bananas, oranges and berries are sure to win the hearts of your little ones. You can add a few slices of fruit, make a salad or even prepare a smoothie.

  1. Nuts & Dried Fruits
Each day, the lunchbox should include a food that is high in protein and fibre, such as nuts and dried fruits. Just add a handful of cashews, almonds or better yet – organic dates to your child’s meal box and the health benefits increase tenfold. Dates are free from fats, cholesterol and sodium, with the capability of boosting energy levels instantly. This makes them a versatile superfood for kids and adults alike. 

  1. Whole-wheat Breads 
Highly regarded as the healthier bread option, whole-wheat and multigrain breads are milled from wheat flour. Mini bagels, whole wheat pita bread, whole grain tortillas, snack crackers can be easily added to the lunchbox.

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