Subscription boxes are on the rise. They have been since the last year, with new subscription boxes popping up every day. Over the past five years, the market has consistently grown by more than 100 percent every year. 

There are subscription boxes for every demographic and age-group, whether you’re a young working professional, stay-at-home mom, or a freelancer. Among the most popular are subscription boxes for kids. They’re beloved by parents and children alike. 

The packaging is just as important as the products inside. More than just a box, the packaging determines a customer’s first impression of your brand. Everything, from the packaging design and material to the way items are packed, is essential for an unforgettable unboxing experience. 

That said, choosing the perfect subscription-box packaging should on top of your priority list, right after curating the best-quality items and inclusions.

If you’re looking for ideas to start your own subscription box business, why not make one for kids? Here are some subscription-box suggestions to get you started.

Kids’ Apparel

Kids grow like weeds. They go through clothes faster than the speed of light (an exaggeration, but you get the idea). Many parents don’t have the time to go shopping for clothes that often. They would rather spend time actually bonding with their little ones than waste it going through racks and racks of clothes.

A subscription box of customized children’s apparel, including quality and stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories, would be the answer this proverbial parental dilemma. 

Arts and Crafts Kit

Since the beginning of time, arts and crafts have always been something kids and kids at heart enjoyed. Doing arts and crafts teaches you a lot of things—patience, creativity, attention to detail, and artistic skills. Kids and parents can bond over creating artsy and crafty kits and be closer than ever.

Arts and crafts have tons of benefits for everyone. Children and adults are sure to love getting their hands dirty playing with colors and all kinds of materials.

Books and Stationery

Reading at a young age broadens kids’ minds early on and exposes them to a world of knowledge and wonders. Children who read at a young age also develop higher communication and language skills, more confidence and independence, and a better understanding of the world. 

Start a book-subscription service that provides children with exciting new and age-appropriate reads every month. A young reader’s subscription box won’t be complete without trendy stationery to bring out the creative writer in every child.

Science Kit

When it comes to cool kids’ activities, nothing can top science experiments. Kids love manipulating and playing with laboratory apparatus and “chemicals” and pretend they’re scientists.

Science kits allow children to do all those things while teaching lots of important scientific concepts and the qualities of a good scientist without putting their safety at risk.

International Treats and Snacks

Who says you need to fly to another country to experience their culture and taste their cuisine? A subscription box of international treats and snacks can conveniently bring the culture and taste of another country to your doorsteps. Trying out food from other countries is an excellent opportunity to teach children about different people and cultures and broaden their horizons.

Think outside the Box

Get creative with your kids’ subscription box. Find fun and unique items that children will enjoy and quality and value-for-their money products that parents will love. With subscription boxes, it’s not just the inside that counts; the outside presentation is part of the whole exciting experience. Use customized packaging that’s appealing to kids and protects the goods inside.

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