Have you been waiting forever to go on your dream vacation? Have you been saving for months but it still does not seem enough? Are you not ready to settle for a holiday destination other than the one you have in your bucket list? Welcome to the club because there are thousands of “vacation-deprived” travelers struggling with similar woes. However, this should not keep you from going on your dream destination this year. The smarter way is to look for ideas to economize the trip and visit the destination that you have always wanted to explore. Also, keep in mind these tips when you are traveling with kids! Here are some easy hacks that you can try to travel smart right within your budget. 
Hack #1: Have a budget in writing 
Having a budget in writing is the best way to start because it will give you a fair idea about the available resources. Once you know how much you can spend, you will be able to find good deals on travel and accommodation arrangements. Explore the options online and come up with a list that adds up within your budget. It will take some time to make the plan but you will surely be able to make the process hassle-free in the long run.
Hack #2: Look for early-bird discount deals 
Another way to save while planning a dream holiday is by looking for early-bird discount deals. If you scour the internet, you will probably find hundreds of travel agencies, airlines, and hotels offering them. The deals often come when you book well in advance. At the same time, go through the cancellation and refund policy if you need to cancel bookings due to a last-minute emergency. 
Hack #3: Plan a vacation in off-season
If traveling to your dream destination in season seems out of question due to high prices, consider an off-season vacation. You may economize the trip to a considerable extent but still be able to visit the places on your wishlist. The hotel prices will drop due to less demand and you may even get the flight tickets for a steal. However, ensure that you plan when the weather is conducive because you would not want to stay indoors the entire day. 
Hack #4: Opt for a holiday home instead of a hotel
If you really want to save money while holidaying, explore the option of a holiday home rather than a hotel. Not only is a holiday home less expensive but it offers all the privacy and independence that you may want. Another great thing about this accommodation option is that you can cook yourself and save money on eating out. You can find hundreds of homestays and holiday villas at all destinations across the globe. 
Hack #5: Get free accommodation by house sitting 
An incredible concept that makes holidays amazingly cheap is by house sitting. All you need to do is to register with a house sitting website and you can get a place to stay, all free of cost. This will be someone else’s property and you need to take care of it while the owner is away. Just like a holiday home, you get a kitchen where you can cook and save money on meals as well. Traveling to your dream destination could not get easier! 
Hack #6: Mingle with the locals
Mingling with the locals is a smart way to cut down the sightseeing expenses that you will have to incur for hiring a local guide. Learn their language and ask them about the best places to visit. In fact, this is perhaps the best way of making your vacation as easy as possible because they can guide you about everything, from sightseeing to food, shopping and other activities that you should try. What’s more, you may even ask for a free lifts and cut down on commuting expenses.
Hack #7: Travel in groups 
Another smart way to save on your travel expenses is by taking advantage of group travel. Join up with friends and make group bookings to avail extra discounts from airlines and hotels. In fact, you will also be able to save on cab fares and meals during the vacation. Additionally, you have the benefit of a good company when you travel in groups.
Hack #8: Take walking tours and use public transport
One of the major expenses for vacationers is the local commute. However, the fact is that this expense is totally manageable as you can take walking tours rather than pay for taxis. Sharing rides is another good idea to minimize costs. You can also use public transport to save some dollars. Besides saving money, these ideas of commute also gives you the freedom to explore places. Using Google Maps is a smart way to navigate. 
Hack #9: Carry some healthy snacks along
While walking instead of booking cabs is a good way to economize your holiday, carrying some snacks along is also another great idea. You can reach out and find something filling right in your backpack instead of spending on snacks every time you feel hungry. This is all the more important if you are traveling with the little ones. Healthy protein bars, nuts, and wholegrain biscuits are good snacking options that you can take along. Have a reusable water bottle as well.
Hack #10: Bargain like a pro
A dream holiday does not mean that you will have to spend a fortune. You can bargain like a pro and still have the best vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. Explore online websites to compare prices and find the best one. Set alerts to get notifications about the hottest deals. You can look for freebies, cashback offers and rewards by shopping for packages online or in apps. Even when you are on a holiday, bargain while you shop.

These smart hacks can go a long way in making your dream holiday more economical than you think. Go ahead and try them. Who knows, you may even end up saving some money and can keep it aside for your next holiday! 
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  1. These are really great tips. I am ready for a vacation.

  2. These are some great tips I will be utilizing when planning my next vacation. Thanks!

  3. These are excellent ideas for planning a vacation! Staying at a holiday home sounds great.


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