How To Win At Slots

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Ask many people to list their absolute favourite varieties of gambling and we could bet serious money on the fact that online slots would come right at the top of that list. It really is very hard to beat these things for fun, especially in 2019 where the whole market has made serious technological strides in regard to online slot development - play at 666Casino.

Over the years online slots have also got more and more complex, for better or for worse. On one hand that increase in special bonus rounds and features has made it easier than ever for players to win big on the slots, however on the other it also makes the whole experience slightly more difficult to understand. Read on for a definitive guide on how to win at slots.

Make The Right Choice playing slots

First off – and this is something that many people crucially forget the importance of – it is absolutely crucial that you pick the right slot to play in the first place, because without doing so you could be doomed from the very start of your reel spinning session. You don’t want that now do you?

So, you are going to want a title that gives you a pretty good chance of winning, and RTP is the thing to look out for here. It stands for Return To Player and is a percentage that indicates the average pay out from each individual slot. Aim for something over 96%, or you will be fighting a losing battle from the very start.

Bet Appropriately on online slots 

Once you have chosen your desired slot game it is also important to work out what the best way to stake your bets is. This is mainly because of the distinction between high volatility and low volatility slots, with the former being better geared for bigger bets, and the latter the opposite.

High volatility slots make it easier to lose money, but also easier to win big, whereas low volatility make it harder to lose money, but also hard to win substantial amounts in one spin. Bare this mind when spinning the reels, and make sure you are betting appropriately.

Make Full Use Of Bonus Rounds & Features 

Duh? You simply have to make full use of all the bonus rounds and features on offer – this is where the majority of yours wins will be made after all. In order to make full use you will need to do a bit of research on how they work, ideally before you start playing with any real money involved.

Many gamblers use the free mode for a while beforehand so that when they finally get through to one of the big bonus rounds they know exactly what they are doing. This pays dividends for sure, meaning you can take full advantage of these lucrative bonuses.

Stay Responsible when playing casino

The most boring tip here is simply to stay as responsible as you possibly can. This means no chasing your losses, for instance. It is a slippery slope if you fail to be responsible, one that will result in heavy losses, as well as a gambling problem. 
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