Inventions and innovations have greatly eased different aspects of life for humans. They have also greatly improved how labor and lots of other activities are carried out.

These inventions that were primarily spurred by necessity didn’t just end there. A lot of them experienced further innovations which a lot of times alter the original structure of the initial invention as it improves it. This has been the evolutionary process that most inventions have gone through.

This is the story of the LED.

This acronym stands for Light Emitting Diode and it is gradually taking over from the original halogen or incandescent bulbs. It can even be said that technically they are not bulbs.

It is a semiconductor light source, and it emits light when electrons or current passes through it. It does not generate heat and is usually more energy efficient. You will find a more detailed explanation here.

How is it different from the usual halogen or incandescent bulbs?
How the Halogen and Incandescent Bulb Works
The basic mechanism in both the incandescent and the halogen lighting system revolves around the filament, the glass bulb and the metal vase. The filament is what emits the light and is encased in a glass case or the bulb as it is generally called. 

This glass is filled with low pressure argon or nitrogen so that when electricity passes through the filament, it becomes hot and glows. The gas within conducts the heat generated to the bulb which is then radiated to the atmosphere.

The basic difference between the halogen and the incandescent bulb is that in the halogen bulb, the tungsten filament is in a smaller quartz. The gas is also different as it comes from the halogen group.

Why You Should Make the Switch
There are many benefits to be gained from purchasing and making the switch to top quality LED lights such as those you can get when you shop Some of thesebenefits are listed below.

It Saves Energy – This is due to its very low energy consumption rate. The result for you the consumer is that your monthly power bills will be greatly reduced.

It Is Environmentally Friendly – This is because it contains no toxic components such as mercury.

Increased Longevity – Its durability and longevity is another reason why you should purchase it. Its average operational life is about 50,000 hours. If you were to compare this with the average halogen or incandescent light bulb which is about 20,000 hours, you will see the clear difference.

Doesn’Require Maintenance – Its bulbs do not break easily and are durable. Also, rather than just burn out suddenly like the normal bulbs, they will just slowly lose their brightness over time.

Versatility – It can be used in a different number of ways and for different purposes. It is used for headlights, for linear lights,sequence lights and more.

It should be noted though that for now, they are still a little bit costlier than the halogen or incandescent bulbs. However, thegeneral features and long term benefits it offers more than makes up for this. 

A Look at LED Headlights

Like we noted above, these lights are very versatile and so can be used in many different ways. We want to take a quick look at one of these usage applications. We are talking about car headlights.

Many car manufacturers among others have adopted the use the LED technology in their productions. With many manufacturers going for improved functionality with reduced energy consumption, this switch does not come as a surprise.

We will quickly look at some of the most common reasons for this switch.

Better Light Quality – The light it generates is generally brighter than those from the normal headlamps. The implication here is that the driver of the car will have improved visibility when driving at night.

Longevity – With a 20-year life span, it can last as long as most cars. This practically means that you may not have to change it for the entire lifetime of the car.

Improved Appearance – Aside from performance related issues, it also improves the general aesthetics of your car.

You can get a full description of the usage of LED for car headlights here:

With each passing day, new inventions are made and new systems are created and adopted. The implication is that some things become obsolete. It is actually smart to keep up with latest innovations especially when it ibeneficial and makes your daily activities a lot easier.

With all its advantages and benefits, wouldn’t you add the LED headlight to the list of smart decisions you have made?

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