The Craziest Bets In Casinos

by Bre, 11:38 AM
Casinos are crazy places at the best of times, and have long stood as a symbol for decadence, opulence and supreme wealth since their inception in 16th Century Venice. In fact, they were probably around in a less legitimate form way before this too, proof that the human race just loves placing bets at the casino. And in today’s time, technology allows us to enjoy betting at even at home.
Most of us do not quite have the funds to go to crazy at these places, and have to show at least a little bit of restraint in order to be able to keep playing. But this is not true for everyone, in fact there have been some seriously crazy bets placed at casinos over the years, so big you may not even believe them! Read ahead for a short lowdown on some of the craziest bets ever placed in casinos. 

William Lee Bergstrom And His Two Suitcases 

As the story goes, a man named William Lee Bergstrom once strolled into the Horseshoe Casino around the year 1984 with two suitcases, none of which had any of his own belongings in. Oh no, one suitcase actually contained $777,000 (before the days of credit cards, eh) and the other didn’t have anything inside of it at all… 
Bit odd, isn’t it? Not when you learn what William Lee Bergstrom did next. Quite remarkably he headed straight for a table on which he could play Craps, and placed the whole lot of money on the Don’t Pass Line. Guess what? He won, and was understandably rather happy he had brought an empty suitcase along with him after all. 

Archie Karas And The Remarkable Hot Streak 

Las Vegas can so often be the downfall of gamblers due to its ridiculously tempting nature, but at the same time it is a place where multiple fortunes can be made by gamblers who are skilful enough. Just look at the incredible story of Archie Karas, a man who is still widely recognised to have undergone the longest and most lucrative winning streak in the history of casino gambling. 
Once upon a time Mr Karas was reeling from a Poker loss that left him with only $50 to his name, however luckily for him he ran into a friend who learnt him ten thousand dollars (a nice friend, right?), and before the end of that very evening he had already paid it all back. In the years that followed Archie Karas turned his $50 into approximately $50 million – all off the back of ridiculously high rolling Poker games. 

Ashley Revell And His Entire Life Savings 

It sounds stupid, but one British man called Ashley Revell sold pretty much everything he owned and flew to Las Vegas in 2004 to try his luck at their casinos. He ended up putting approximately £150,000 on one Roulette spin, at first opting for black before changing his bet to red. 
And you just know what happened next don’t you? He won, doubling his money and flying back home with a rather large grin on his face.
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