Influencer marketing is the go to these days when it comes to getting the word out there about a topic or a brand. The primary advantage of working with influencers is that they create quality content that the audience is invested in. For instance, fitness is one thing that they can create quality content for.

 I, myself, have been an influencer for what is now 10 years. I have to say that being an influencer and looking up to other influencers has not only been an important part of my life, but it has also changed my life for the better. Why are influencers important? I follow fellow influencers often! The reason they have a powerful influence on their followers is because their opinions are valued. Influencers are real people and often looked at as friends and audiences are looking for reality that they can emulate and buy into, as opposed to glamorous ads. 

Influencers are not only important, but they are also up to the latest health trends out there. For example, had you told me 2 years ago that I would weigh less now at 8 months pregnant than I did 2 years to date, I would tell you that you are crazy. I will be honest and outright with you- influencer marketing inspired me to start my journey. If they could do it, I could do. 

At my heaviest two years ago, I was 298 lbs! I got down to 160 after working out and eating clean. I then got pregnant and managed to maintain my weight, only gaining 6 lbs. Check out this flexibility test to see how you can challenge yourself. 

Now, let's get back to why influencer marketing is important. Influencer marketing works because it uses tactics like word-of-mouth marketing and social proof, which are now critical aspects of any successful marketing strategy. I am sole proof of that. Targeting audiences that are specific to the topic at hand is also a big reason that it works. Fitness influencers are no longer just perpetuating their healthy lifestyles and regimes to inspire their followers. They are leading the new trends in the fitness industry. Check out these influencers you should follow and get inspired yourself like I did.

While you get inspired looking at these amazing people, tell me what your fitness goals are for this year. What do you want for yourself? What do you inspire to do for yourself?  After I have the baby and get past my 6 weeks, not only am I breastfeeding, but I plan to get back in the gym so that I can stay on track with my weight and my mindset. Being healthy is good for your brain and it will make you have a more positive outlook in life. Don't have any fitness goals? Why not? Here are what they can do for you:
  • They keep you on the right track. 
  • They make working out efficient. 
  • They help you progress more quickly. 
  • They help you see your progress. 
  • They keep you motivated.

Get inspired today, you won't regret it. Thanks for reading!
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