Gone are the times when a car used to be just a mode of transport. 

With the advent of luxe fashionable cars, a car isn’t just its wheels and engine. Car lovers have gone on to make cars a matter of their personal identity. 

However, with this love, price tags to have come into the picture. The kind of cars you would like to associate yourself with maybe a bomb of a cheque! But, you do not have to shell that bomb out. The good news is: Car modifications are the cheapest ways to get your hands on your dream car. 

Following are some of the coolest fixes for your car to get the sporty look you’ve dreamt of:  

1. Disk Brakes: The performance of your car can be greatly enhanced post the installation of better disk brakes. With other modifications and shiny parts to be added to your dream car, this option may seem a little boring to you. However, this change to your braking system can easily allow you to drive faster and slow down at the flick of your finger with very little effort. 

This addition also makes driving in wet conditions easier and lesser prone to skids. To make sure that your wheels don’t jam up during a hard brake, convert to disk brakes today. Car experts and consultancies with great mechanics such as Automoda help you customize your car as per your requirements. To visit website, click on the link attached here. 

2. Control arm bushings: If you want to get a truly smooth ride, then converting a sub-par suspension to control arm bushings can make the biggest change to your driving experience. Control arm bushings give you the authority over your wheels even at high speeds, therefore, it is imperative that you choose the best control arms to customize your car. 

3. Tyres: Tyres add personality as well as control to your car. Choosing the perfect tread pattern helps you improve the grip of your car as it navigates through difficult paths. You can also choose to add chrome highlights, which look amazing at high speeds on a starry night. 

4. Subframe connectors: These connectors and tubes help in distributing the weight of your car evenly so that extreme edges or tough turns do not put undue pressure on your machine. These modifications may not be flashy but they do your car great favour when it comes to a longer road stint 

5. Springs and seats: A car’s seats are very important for your comfort and safe driving. If you have orthopedic problems or bodily ailments that distract your attention while driving, then you should get extra-comfy seats that help you adjust better. Nowadays, people invest heavily in their seat covers as well. If you are someone who likes to enjoy a meal or a drink in their car, water absorbant and easy-to-clean covers should be an essential modification for you.

6. COBB Tuning: Most experts and car analysts do not delve into this aspect of a car and its mods. However, it is an important section that you can modify to immediately gain some performance improvement and create great custom developments. This technology helps you map your engine exactly as per your requirements using technical software. 
But we must tell you about the one disadvantage of getting a COBB tuning, some dealers or insurers may revoke their contract with you post the modification, so it is best to consult them before making any drastic changes. 

We hope this article was an enriching read for you, let us know in the comments below. Happy reading!
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