One relationship differs from another. This is determined by what makes people happy and how they solve challenges resulting from their differences. However, there are many things that are similar in many relationships. When it comes to dating, statistics have already shown some trends that people need to know. Singles should have some knowledge of this to prepare them for any future relationships that they are about to enter into. Here are some helpful dating statistics singles should know.

More People Want to be Single 

It is a shocking fact, but statistics have already backed it. According to social studies, the number of people who prefer to be single has been growing higher since 1950. Surprisingly, many of those who are financially stable and have committing careers are not yet ready for relationships. This leaves a narrow gap between married people and those who are single.

A Serious Relationship Might Follow Three Months of Dating

Have you been dating someone for about three months? A Facebook social study showed that many current couples entered into a committed relationship after three months of dating. If you are single, this statistic will help you to start preparing for a relationship if you have been seeing someone for some time now. This applies to both online and offline dating. And if you're interested in online dating, be sure to read this review before diving into the online dating scene today.

Six Months Dating is Enough for Marriage 

Another surprising Facebook and Zoosk dating app statistic showed that many people feel ready to discuss marriage after six months of dating. By knowing this fact, you will not be surprised when your partner brings in this topic six months after you have both agreed to start a relationship. However, more time is better if you are still in the process of getting to know each other, particularly for couples who only meet once in a while. 

Online Dating is a Trend 

Years ago, people relied on meeting in social places like college, the workplace, and social events, among others. Today, this is quickly getting replaced by online dating platforms like Happymatches and Tinder among others. From the level of acceptance, it is clear that people want a straightforward way of meeting the person of their dream from within and across borders. Statistics show that millions of people visit online dating sites to look for matches every month. 

Technology Brings Dating Couples Together 

Apart from helping people to meet their matches through dating apps, technology can be used in many other ways to bring couples together. One study showed that 4 out of 5 couples used technology to communicate throughout the day. About 52% of couples will feel freer to express themselves over a voice call or  chat. Thus, it is right to say that technology that is used in a good way to bring couples together. 


With these insights, singles have enough more than enough information to use when they are planning to get into a relationship. Now that you have the information, you should let it help you in making the right decision. A good relationship determines happiness in people.
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  1. Been single for a very long time so I'll take any help I can get


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