Life can be difficult at times and sometimes we need a little bit of financial help when we are in a bad spot. Getting a loan can be difficult and making the decision to get one can be a pain, but sometimes it needs to be done! You need to decide what kind of loan that you need! There as SO many out there! These include: Alternative Income Verification, B/C Loans, Commercial Lending, FHA Loan, Fixed Rate Mortgage. Florida Hard Money Loans, Florida Lending Areas, Foreign National Loans, Loan Documentation Hard Money Loans Home Equity Loan Nontraditional Loans Private Lending Reverse Mortgage, RHS Loan Program, Subprime Loan,VA Loan, Conventional Loans, & Jumbo Loans.

With that said, there are several reasons you may need one and you don't need to be ashamed if that time comes! Loans can be used for multiple reasons. Some of them are included below:
  • Medical Expenses- You may not be insured or your co-pay might be more than you bargained for. Sometimes you have to pay out for dental treatment, counseling, life-changing surgery or more. This can be financed by a loan.

  • Home Emergencies- Your water heater could go out, washer and dryer breaks.. Maybe a pipe bursts or the toilet gets plugged up by little dudes car toys! This can be expensive and not everyone has a savings account to save the day! 

  • Vacation- Maybe you just want to go on that dream vacation. Some people say if you don't have the money, you don't have any business going on vacation. I disagree. I will be the one paying this bill, not you, thank you very much!

  • Holiday- The holidays can creep on you, sometimes you need to purchase more gifts than you anticipated. A loan can help you with the holidays and save the day!

  • Car Expense- Blew a tire, need an oil change, or your cr just completely went out on you. A loan can be a way to save the day!

  • Buying a house- Let's get realistic, not everyone has $100,000 laying around and more times than most people need a loan when buying a house!

Did you know that self employed loans are an option too? This loan is called an Alternative Income Verification Loan! Alternative income verification loans are mortgages which involve lenders who do not utilize conventional documentation to validate the income of a borrower. Some refer to these loans as low-doc or no-doc loans. Participants who desire to borrow capital via these types of loans are typically self-employed (such as owners of small businesses), while some are simply investors with income-documentation issues. Through alternative income verification loans, borrowers are allowed to present non-traditional forms to verify their income to prove they’re capable of repaying a loan. Furthermore, these loans can possess stiffer protocols than traditional loans, including greater requirements for liquid assets. Alternative income verification loans are ideal for borrowers who are self-employed to purchase or refinance a property minus the need to present their bank statements and tax returns. Even those who are in the low-income category can find alternative income verification loans more beneficial than many traditional loan programs. Check it out and see if self employed loans are right for you!
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