Top Travel Destinations In 2020 You Must Cover

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The urge to explore new locations leads to the discovery of a whole new cultural experience. Life changing phenomenon while on a trip or the gastronomy of a destination can leave deep impressions for the rest of your life. With the year ahead packed with a number of events worldwide, let’s look at the top destinations you can cover.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This colorful capital of happiness never fails to lift up the spirits of a dead day. Cycle down its streets bustling with the hygge spirits, picking a bite or two from its cutting edge restaurants.


This nature island with its rainforest and ravines is home to a variety of sea creatures and colorful sponges in its champagne reef. Visit its UNESCO designated national park and explore its rugged outdoors. East Caribbean nature calls you to witness its many wonders.

Galway, Ireland

A rocky landscape battling the Atlantic winds forms the magnificent coast of western Ireland. A brewery for artists and scholars around the world, it seduces them through it various festivals. The rural way of life dominates the culture, celebrating the different arts.

Kyushu, Japan

The harbor city with its rich cultural history, is a must visit with the summer Olympics around the corner. With its many cultural attractions and cuisines, this scenic island also marks the 75th year of the Nagasaki bombing. History enthusiasts, this is your call.

St.Petersberg, Russia

Welcoming the guest with its splendid European architecture, the white nights of the city engulfs you in its charm.  The Icy cold weather transforms the streets into an ice palace, with skiing and skating scenes prevalent in the city.

Wyoming, USA

This Cowboy destination in the US attracts sports enthusiasts, campers and history admirers. Cheyenne frontier days held in the month of July is a 10 day festival, the biggest outdoor rodeo, hosting a number of events and activities. If outdoor activities are your call, you found your next travel destination.


A shout out to all wildlife buffs. This South African country hosts a number of national parks and is home to a number of flora and fauna. Its luscious landscapes surrounding the Victoria Falls and the many adventure sports offers you a combination of thrill and peace.


Anextravagant platter of endless delights. AMyriad of cultures, this valley in Western Europe is an amalgamation of historic buildings surrounded by lush mountains and valleys. Its gastronomy a reflection of the various settlers and their cultures. 

How to ensure a hassle free trip

In case your trip takes an unexpected turn, an assurance provides you and your family with the necessary compensation. This compensation is provided by the travel insurance. One such coverage is provided by Bharti AXA. The stress factor associated with trip is taken care by us so that you can enjoy your trip without any worries.
Types of travel insurance provided-

  • Schengen Travel Insurance
  • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Excluding USA/Canada)
  • Asia Travel Insurance
  • Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Including USA/Canada)

In regards to the traveler, there are two categories-

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • Frequent Traveler Travel Insurance

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