In any industry, there is a growing culture of competition, which is often stiff and cutthroat. The luxury car brands in the world have not been left out of this culture of rivalry. They have constantly battled it out by coming up with the latest technology that will enhance a car's performance, shape, stability, and many other features. Have you ever been in a car that is from a luxury car brand? Did you notice any distinguishing features that may have been cloned by another luxury brand? The following are facts that you need to know about the luxury car wars. 


The legal framework that surrounds ownership of technology is called a patent. It allows a company to license its technology to other companies who wish to use the same tech. A good example is one that Mercedes acquired that protects other companies from operating a portable hand-held transmitter for a remote-control system for a vehicle. This has brought about other companies seeking to buy licenses from Mercedes to use their technology. 

Innovation and Development 

The wars within the luxury car brands have brought about companies setting up innovation and development centers within their company structures. This is because the market is continuously demanding better luxury features such as warmed seats, automated features, high-end ergonomic interior designs, and an overall appealing look of the cars. This has created an environment that always seeks better services. 


Thanks to the services of firms like exotic car rental, people have the chance to enjoy the benefits of experiencing luxury at affordable prices. However, companies such as Lamborghini are producing super-expensive cars that are absurd to the everyday car consumer. This is because they want to set themselves apart from their competitors such as Ferrari and Aston Martin as being the most luxurious and expensive brand. The approach is a technique of exclusivity that has worked to their favor. 

Carbon Fiber 

Recently, carbon fiber, alternatively known as graphite fiber or CF, is used in making numerous machines. More CF is being used in luxury car brands to attract the sporty consumer. This is because graphite fiber might be expensive, but it is lighter in weight and more aerodynamic, which assists in propelling the car to higher speeds. Luxury brands are using graphite fibers to attract customers with a rich taste for detail. 

Bespoke Features 

Brands such as Rolls Royce are coming up with a service whereby they build a car to the specifications of a user. This has set them aside as being at the epitome of luxury when it comes to car customization. This is because the elite consumer wants a car that is one of one. A car that nobody else has whatsoever. No vehicle on the road should look like theirs, and Rolls Royce has made that possible. 

Hybrid Features 

Some companies have started adopting hybrid cars to accommodate green living with carbon emissions being a global problem. Customers are demanding green driving, whereby they will consume less oil and use more recyclable energy to power luxury cars. 


The war shall continue between the luxury brands. However, for hybrids to benefit from this, they have to get the consumers interested in their products. Remember that as long as the consumer can afford it, they will have an interest.
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