Morning routines are important, and you'd be surprised what can be considered routine in this vital part of the day! It's the time of day where all things begin, so it's no wonder that having a good morning can make the day ahead all the better. For a growing family, this might seem like a daunting task, but we'll go over some different aspects to make those morning rituals and routines all the easier.
1. Breakfast Together
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Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, so it's important that everyone chips in when setting up that first feast. If everyone helps out, you'll see your morning routine going fast and smooth. Even small parts like setting the table and sorting the food can be a big help in getting things done efficiently. Just don't eat too quickly--you want to enjoy that meal as opposed to inhaling it!
2. Swift Showers
Shortening your shower time can mean all the difference in trying to save time in the morning. Showering can be a quick and easy process, and planning out specific times can cut down on water usage. Try shortening showers down to 10 minutes per person, as well as buying efficient nozzles that save on how much water you use. You can also invest in tankless water heaters. After all, water is a finite resource, and every drop is important.
3. Planning Ahead
This tip is a more open ended, but investing in various plans and routines can help morning tasks go by quicker. Setting up a whiteboard and listing the various morning tasks that need to be met can lead to a better and efficient morning. We have less willpower to do things as the day goes on, so it's better to plan ahead. When you know what needs to be done and just how to do it, things will run smoothly. Planning ahead also helps with developing a stable routine, which in itself can be rewarding with healthy habits.
4. Chore Reward System
Finally, in correlation with planning ahead, setting up rewards for completing different chores can be wonderful incentive to get even the most daunting of tasks done. Motivation is a powerful tool, and providing the means to incentivize the completion of any task can reinforce good behaviors and smoother mornings. They also add a sort of competitive spirit to mornings, making things them more fun and interesting.

A good morning is essential to having a good mindset throughout the day, and keeping these tips in mind can make all the difference. With some minor changes to your breakfast, shower, and chore routines, you'll be on the right track to having a great day.
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