4 Ways To Simplify HVAC Usage

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If your days are busy, you may not have enough time to properly address your HVAC system. While it requires regular maintenance to keep running smoothly, there are some extra things you can do to make the system more energy-efficient and make temperature control much easier. Here are four ways to simplify HVAC usage in your home.
Insulate Your Home
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One way you can optimize your HVAC usage is the install more insulation in select areas of your home. Insulation helps you reduce your heater and air conditioning usage by keeping in conditioned air and stopping outside air from drafting inside your home. Insulation also protects certain fixtures, like your pipes, from being affected by the weather. Other areas that deserve attention include your attic, your ducts, and outer walls. The Department of Energy has a handy diagram to help you decide where you need to add insulation.
Before you start, choose insulating materials with a high r-value. The r-value represents how well a material insulates a space.
Set A Schedule for System Maintenance
Contact your local HVAC service to schedule regular system maintenance. It is recommended that you asked for annual tuneups for your HVAC system. A certified service technician will inspect your system to make sure that everything is in working order and address any issues your system is having before they become costly problems. Regular maintenance also assures that your HVAC system is energy efficient.
Get a Smart Thermostat
One way to make your HVAC usage and life easier is to get a smart thermostat. It's relatively simple to replace your old thermostat and the smart thermostat has a few advantages. One advantage is that the thermostat learns your preferences and adjusts the temperature to your liking, based on the time of day or year. Another advantage is that you can program your thermostat remotely if you download an app to your mobile device.
Create Temperature Zones in Your Home
If there are parts of your home that are too hot or too cold, people in your home have different comfort needs, or there are areas in your home that should stay at distinct temperatures, zoning may be an option for you. Zoning is simply categorizing parts of your home into zones based on your temperature needs. It works with the help of dampers in your ductwork that open or close based on your desired temperature in each zone. This leads to more energy efficiency because only areas in use are heated or cooled.
Ask an HVAC service technician near you if zoning is right for your home. For example, if you live in Columbia, SC, and the surrounding areas, an HVAC technician from Krantz Kooling & Heating can install dampers in your ductwork so you can have optimal comfort in your home.

To simplify HVAC usage in your home, schedule regular maintenance, insulate your home, get a smart thermostat, and think about zoning your home. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your system is running smoothly, that you use less energy, that you maintain desired temperatures in your home, and that you and your family have more control over your level of comfort.
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