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Lilly Mae is a little over a week old and she was born early at 35 weeks. She was able to keep her temperature up in the hospital and I was told to monitor it at home for a bit as well. Just as a precaution. 

I received the Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner to review here on the blog and I was excited to learn about it. 

Taking my little girls temperature has never been easier. It is pretty much hands off and I don't have to wake her at all.  Features include:

Soft Glow Display- Soft lighting for easy reading in any light. Perfect for checking the temperature of a sleeping infant (or adult) in a darkened room.

Eight Temperature Memory- Automatically retains the last 8 temperature readings for instant recall to check on fever progression. In memory mode, a small “M” will appear on the display with memory location (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and the memory location will alternate with the temperature stored in that location. The most recent temperature is stored in location1 and the earliest temperature is stored in location 8.

Silent Mode- Beeping sound indicating scanning can be turned off or on to avoid waking a sleeping child (or adult). The flashing LED facing the forehead while scanning turns off when the beeper is turned off. Your TemporalScanner is equipped with a beeper and front/back flashing LED's which gives you a soft audible and visual feedback as you scan over the temporal artery on the forehead. The original factory setting is with the beeper and LED's ON.

Fahrenheit or Celsius Mode- Select most convenient temperature scale. Your TemporalScanner can be programmed to display the temperature in either °F or °C, as indicated by the small °F or °C in the upper right of the display.

Taking the temperature is easy. You press the button and scan across the forehead. Release the button to reveal temperature. You scan the temporal artery. Slide across the forehead and not down the side of the face. 

Now, I love this because it is so easy to not have to wake her by using an old fashioned way. Overall, I am stoked to be able to use this product so that my baby doesn't get woken after a long night of no sleep! Check out where to buy HERE. You can also find it on AMAZON HERE.

Visit Exergen on their social media to stay up to date with the latest. 

Do you plan to purchase after seeing how easy this is to use?! Let's hear all about it!

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