You might think that slots have reached the pinnacle of their existence. After all, they are now online, and that is something that would never have been dreamed of all those years ago when they were first created. But if history has taught us anything, it is that technology never stands still and that there is always something that can be updated, changed, or adapted to suit the requirements of whatever is happening. 
This is certainly true of online slots. There is new technology coming out every day, and one of the newest ideas is virtual reality slots. Let’s look into this in more detail when you check out now!.

The History of Slots

It was more than one hundred years ago that slots were first created and the first slot machine – known as a one armed bandit since a lever needed to be pulled to make it work rather than a button pushed. After that came electronic slots, and then there were online slots. 
Online slots meant that designers had a lot more freedom and they could create some amazing stories and designs that impressed a lot of people and made online slots even more popular than ever. 

Virtual Reality Slots

Even though online slots are popular, developers are always looking for ways to entice even more people to play, and so they look to technology to help them come up with ideas. Virtual reality is just the latest, and it is something that looks as though it is going to work well. 
The technique has been around for a long time, but when it comes to online slots it is a very new combination, so it isn’t always possible to find VR slots at the usual casinos. You may have to look hard for them, but this will change soon; it is predicted that many in not all online casinos will be implementing VR slots for those who wish to play in that way. 
And how many people are playing with virtual reality? In 2017, over one million VR headsets and controllers were sold, and the numbers are rising. Now the prices have been reduced, making VR something that is affordable for most people, and many are choosing to include this technology in their video game play as a standard measure. So why not also use it when playing online slots? It makes sense, and doesn’t require any additional equipment assuming you already have the right controllers to begin with. 

2017 was a big year for VR, since this was also the year that the first VR online slot was created that would take and pay out real money. There had been four previous attempts, but although they were popular (hence the decision to make more) they had not been fully functional – they were more like test pieces. However, their popularity meant that developers felt confidence enough to start producing plenty more games, and soon there will be lots to choose from.
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