Christmas cards tradition is one that has been observed for decades. Even with technological advancement, people still hold strong the tradition of mailing their cards to friends and family. Create a personalized Mixbook Christmas photocard. It’s not complicated and you can adopt your family photos to make it exceptional. The design should be ideal and you can incorporate a few creative ideas to make your card stand out.
1.      Add Color to Make Your Card Pop
Incorporate bright colors to make it stand out. This is good if the background is watery and grey. Look for a vibrant background like a clear blue sky, a colored wall, a bright red scarf or a lush evergreen tree.
2.      Use a Minimalistic Approach
Simplicity will serve you best. You can opt for a white and black family photo and incorporate a white border to keep your photocard simple and elegant. Alternatively, shoot your own minimalistic photo in a good background like a pile of Christmas cookies, or something seasonal like an evergreen tree or a wreath. Ensure you have plenty of white space to make the subject stand out and give it clarity. 
3.      Invite Your Pet into The Photo
Bring along your pet for that Christmas photo shoot. Dogs and cats make your photo livelier and enables you to capture the genuine emotions and smiles as opposed to the stiff poses. 
4.      Take Your Family Selfie
It’s not a must that the photo should be taken by a professional photographer. Nowadays, most smartphones can take high quality photos which will look as great when printed on the photocard. Think outside the box and choose a fun location whether in a nearby forest, park, in your car or lawn. 
5.      Make It Humorous
Add humor to the card to make it stand out. Humor can be subjective and something that your family and close friends share or understand. Your sense of humor will lighten the photo. Also, you can add something funny on your photo card like an inside joke or Christmas themed-pun that makes people chuckle. 
6.      Use Your Landscape Photo
A watery landscape featuring frozen lake and snow-capped trees is a great classic photo card image for Christmas. You can opt for traditional Christmas photography or consider your favorite cityscape image for the photo card. 
7.      Personalize Your Photo Card Text
Cards are bound to have exciting messages accompanying the photo card. It’s good if you make your message more personal. You can also choose a funky font and your favorite poem or quote.
8.      Capture a Bit of Action
Take action photo shots to give you a wonderful change from the regular posed photos common in Christmas cards every season. For instance, you can engage in a fun activity like getting the kids together to prepare some cookies then capture the mess and fun coming with the activity. If it snows the better, but even without snow the photo will still look amazing.
9.      Get Creative with the Props
As most photo card shots are done before the festive season, it’s hard to get one that captures the seasonal feel. However, adding simple props makes the otherwise ordinary photo into a Christmas-themed event and photo.

Creativity and being realistic is the best way to ensure your Christmas card stands out.  Emphasize on uniqueness to make the photo card outstanding. Use the tips above to create that heartwarming photo card for your friends and family to make them know how much you appreciate them. Mixbook has plenty of ideas that you can incorporate to create an amazing photo card.

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