Selecting an appropriate Mother’s Day gift for a new mum can be tricky. All too often, good-intentioned friends and family members hit a brick wall inspiration-wise and stick with the usual standards.
A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, some kind of novelty ornament - all good, but not especially meaningful or practical.
The good news being that there’s really no shortage of options for a new mum who deserves to be spoiled. For the most part, it’s simply a case of thinking what you’d appreciate in her position and getting a little creative.
Here’s a rundown of a few ideas to get you started:
1. Audiobook Subscription
Busy mums rarely have time to sit down and spend even a few minutes with a good book. By contrast, an audiobook is something that can be enjoyed ‘hands-free’ doing just about anything else. Whether showering, driving, or enjoying some rare downtime before bed, an audiobook can be just the thing. Hence, an audiobook subscription always makes a great gift.
2. Automated Appliances
Anything you can do to lighten the domestic load for a new parent is guaranteed to go down a treat. One example of which being say the best-selling robot vacuum cleaner, giving busy parents one less thing to worry about. Domestic appliances haven’t traditionally been considered the most thoughtful or appropriate gifts - smart devices that do the job for you are a different matter entirely.
3. A Smart Home Assistant
There are plenty of these things available, such as Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home Assistant. Once installed and connected with various other bits and pieces, you can control your home via voice command. Whether it’s playing music, checking the weather, listening to the latest news updates, and so on, you simply tell the assistant what you want, and it does it for you. Anything hands-free being a blessing when your hands are well and truly full. 
4. A Baby Memory Book
More conventional and traditional perhaps, but by far one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for a new mum. It’s basically a luxurious scrapbook in which parents can stick photos, diary entries, and mementos in general as their baby grows. Plus, the fact that it’s a gift from someone special means they’re far more likely to use it than if they bought it themselves. Better yet, go for a personalized baby memory book that features the name of the little guy or girl in question.
6. Massage or Spa Voucher
Sometimes - and understandably so - the best gift any parent can receive is a good excuse to escape for a couple of hours. In which case, why not treat the new mother in your life to a well-deserved trip to the spa? Or perhaps, a luxurious massage to relieve all that pent-up tension? Some parents practically need forcing to spoil themselves like this, so feel free to take the initiative.
7. Baby Footprint Picture Frame Kit
Simple yet effective, this can make a great moment to hold onto as a family keepsake. It’s simply a kit that features everything needed to make a permanent copy or cast of baby’s footprints, which is always just about as cute as it gets.
8. The Classic Hamper 
Last but not least, there’s always the option of combining a bunch of thoughtful gifts into one personalized hamper. Think about everything she likes to do, everything she likes to eat, and (almost) everything she likes to drink - you’re unlikely to run short on ideas. A luxury store-bought hamper is all well and good but isn’t nearly as meaningful or sentimental as one personalized from scratch by you. 

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