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With all of the negative going on in the world, as Tracy's Dog says, it is time make love, not war. Quarantine was in effect when I got this product and it was def an experience. With that said, thanks to Tracy’s Dog, I have a great mind-blowing experience and product to show you.

If you have ever had a G-Spot orgasm, let me ask you- have you ever experienced an A- Spot orgasm? Oh my gosh. You are missing out if you haven’t. The G- Spot is more fingers or toy curled toward the wall of your stomach. However, the A-Spot, recently found out by myself is a ton more umm let’s just say mind blown. It is more near the cervix. This toy hits it. You don’t even have to move it. Its like the gates of heaven and water works start immediately.

Tracy’s Dog offers several products and I have to say that this one is my favorite. 

This product has a velvet like feel to it and it is very soft. Look at the design. It has 3 motors. YES. 3. This offers a mind blowing- one of a kind experience if you ask me! The A - Spot is very hard to reach with your fingers but this toy, oh my freaking gosh, it definitely does it and if you have never squirted, it may just do that for you too. I won’t lie. 

As you can see, the design is simple but it packs a powerful punch, that’s for sure. The motors hit the clitoris, G and A spots all at once. 

Ladies, it may make you squeal! 

This bad boy has 15 different modes. Try them all. I promise you, you won’t regret it! Not to mention, it is rechargeable so no more worries of batteries. 

Using it is simple, charge it up and push the power button. The squiggle lines are of course the different modes that you can use. To power on and off you just push the button for three seconds! Just a tip when it is charging, it blinks and it is solid when it is done. It charges for an hour of full play.

But I don’t know who can physically handle a full hour.  I mean this is my after shot, and yes it was cleaned. 

Let me tell you, this thing is AMAZING. I’m talking legs shaking- vagina trembling- wtf just happened- mind blowing! 

Did I mention it is also waterproof ? Now let me tell you, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom, make hour significant other sit on the other side of the bed while you use this bad boy until they can’t take the urge anymore! 

Better yet, take a challenge and see how many levels you can make it ;) I promise you, if you have never had a real orgasm, this is the way to go. DO IT.

Where can you purchase? This one isnt available anymore. There is another with a suction on it like this with more power than this one!  Get it NOW  
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