There is nothing more satisfying than getting back to a warm and cozy home. Decorating your home should be a priority if you want to enjoy comfort and tranquility when you spend time there either by yourself or with your family.

The purchase of a new home from means you can customize and redecorate it according to your tastes. Moving into a new home has its part of work to make it habitable, but with these tips, your interior design decor will be easy to do.

Creative storage

At the bottom of the stairwell makes a magnificent store. You can create a small room for storage using wood and repaint it on the outside to complement the stairwell color.

You can also fix cabinets or shelves depending on if you want them to be lockable or not. A lockable cabinet can make excellent storage for your items. 

With shelves, you can make a functional space for books and arrange them. It can be a beautiful library, especially if your home is short of space for a library. That way, you will not waste your floor space with storing items. There is no limit to the types of creative storage solutions you can integrate into your home. However, just because you can store things in your furniture doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have dedicated storage space. When you live in a densely populated city like Brighton, you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with - even with creative solutions. Instead of getting a larger flat or house, you can simply get cheap self storage unit. By moving the bulky, non-essential items to your unit, you have more creative wiggle room.

Utilize the basement

The basement is an excellent room to practice versatility with. You can make it your entertainment room for when you have friends around. You can place a pool table or create a small bar with wine storage. 

You can also make it a media room by fixing a big screen and a PlayStation. If you're the kind of person that enjoys watching movies and TV on a high volume with your partner and friends, a media room in the basement would be helpful. It is useful, especially when you have friends over and don't want to be a nuisance to other family members.

Furthermore, you can make the basement an entertainment room for your kids. You can fix a small basketball ring or other fun things for your kids to enjoy while indoors.

Fix a swing chair

A swing chair is perfect for when you want to relax. You can place it in the living room near the window so that you can have an outside view when relaxing. It makes it more peaceful.

A swing chair helps you relax and read a book indoors or for your kids to have fun with.

A glass-encased fireplace

If you want to incorporate modern or contemporary design into your home, a glass-encased fireplace is a perfect idea. You can build one between the living room and the dining area.

In addition to that, you can fix a fireplace in front of your bathroom tub. It completes the warm, cozy, and relaxing mood when you are in the bathtub. With a fire, your bathroom will be a spa by itself and a perfect place to rest and meditate.

Uniquely designed windows for the balcony view

Be creative with designing the windows to create a peaceful and airy view of the balcony. A balcony is where you view to get a fresh breath of air and also when you want to relax, so make it as beautiful as possible. 

Take advantage of a murphy bed for the kids' room.

A murphy bed is perfect for the kids' room, especially if you want their place to be fun. A murphy bed connects to the wall unit. You can raise it to disappear into the wall unit during the day for the kids to have plenty of space to play. It can be an excellent way to utilize the bedroom space as the wall unit also acts as a wardrobe; therefore, it is versatile.

Digitalize your home

With smartphones, nowadays, everything has evolved. You can connect your doorbell with your smartphone so that it notifies from your smartphone when someone rings it. It is helpful because you are always carrying your phone; therefore, you won't inconvenience your visitors by not hearing the bell when you are in the garden, and you will also be able to see the face of the visitor.

Moreover, you can connect home cameras to your phone. You can see what's going on at home from anywhere, even while at work. It is helpful, especially if you leave kids at home, and you don't want them to mess up or want to monitor your kids' nanny.

A fire pit for outdoor relaxing

A fire pit in the backyard or front yard is perfect for relaxing during the evening when it's cold. Place comfortable stuffy chairs or sofas around it. It is versatile as you can relax there during the day or the night. It is also very romantic when you want to relax with your loved one.

Outdoor kitchen

Create an outdoor kitchen in the backyard for entertainment purposes. It is suitable when you are hosting a party and preparing barbecues in the open space at your home.


Decorating your new home will be fun and enjoyable when you try the above-enlisted tips, and also, you will end up with a beautiful home that will wow everyone.

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