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Traveling this year will be different. Even though restrictions and safety concerns still play a role, the good news is that for this year, reasons for traveling have changed. Rather than wanderlust, most travelers are interested in reconnecting with their friends and families this year. For many, this means traveling shorter distances or traveling by car to visit friends and family that are not very far away. 

Even with the vaccine, there are still plenty of concerns and restrictions that reduce free travel. Travelers are not as discouraged by their limitations, as they are most interested in traveling to reconnect with others. Now that you know that traveling is all about connection and rekindling flames, here are your five tips for traveling in the New Year.

1. Know that Road Trips will be Common

Since friends and family are often nearby, traveling will look like day trips and weekend getaways instead of full-out excursions. For families worlds apart, visiting areas that cover far distances may not be a reality this year. Most people are still interested in traveling safely and are willing to postpone longer trips for themselves and their families\" health and well-being. The desire to reconnect and appreciate the small things are the main reasons to travel this year, but not without good health and a positive outlook. 

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2. Know that Secluded Stays will be Popular

 For travelers who must set sail to feel alive, many secluded stays are being offered in different parts of the world. These relaxed atmospheres are usually in the form of yogic or meditation retreats. Other stays include temporary housing in private buildings that reside in remarkable parts of the world. Up-and-coming authors, artists, and other creative types will be interested in taking these trips to spend some time in self-reflection working on their trades. The South of France is one such region where these experiences are offered via secluded stay travel packages. Don’t feel like going the distance? Check these out for a travel-free, instant mental vacay:  

3. Travel Cheaply this Year 

Since Covid has negatively impacted the world\"s economy, individual finances are not as secure as they once were. For those who want to travel on a budget, top destinations will look different this year. Notoriously cheap but beautiful countries such as Costa Rica and Crete may become top destinations, overshadowing Italy and other touristy places. 

4. Don’t Reject Hotels

One of the reasons that hotels are so expensive is because the hospitality industry is typically thriving. As a result of the pandemic, however, this has changed dramatically. At least for a short time, you may find that hotel rooms are cheaper than usual. Before couch-surfing, look at fancy hotels and see if there just so happens to be cheap options. Everyone is getting back on their feet financially, so the flexibility to work with limited finances is a necessary evil. You might score a great hotel room if you do your research.

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5. Keep Wearing your Mask

Even though the vaccine is out, it is still not distributed to the majority of the public. Until it’s more common, you still need to take safety precautions seriously. Just like you don’t want to drink tap water in a foreign place, you also want to be aware of your vulnerability to bacteria you’re not typically exposed to. Continue wearing your mask in new places to preserve your safety as you explore.

Traveling might look different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as exciting and adventurous as it is typically. If you take the necessary safety precautions seriously and do a little research to find incredible deals, you might have the adventure of a lifetime.
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