Drivers love to drive because of their passion, however, at times, they tend to forget the speed limit and drive rashly. As a driver, you should know that driving conditions are always better during the summers as compared to the winters. If you are new to driving, then the first few days might be challenging for you and things are not always the same as with practice. When it comes to driving during rush hour, you need to ensure that you slow down a little as you won't save a lot of time if you choose to cut lanes or squeeze through gaps. If you however decide to slow down, you can prevent potential accidents.

Apart from slowing down, you should also consider maintaining a safe distance between other vehicles. The best part about a reasonable buffer zone is that you have some time to react or brake when you experience erratic driving or sudden brakes from the person driving in front of you. Unfortunately, you cannot control the buffer zone behind you; however, you can always look for cushion space that will help you drive smoothly, even during peak hours.

You should always switch on your indicators or signal with your headlights when you want to communicate with other fellow drivers around you. While traffic jams can be annoying, you shouldn't lose your cool as aggressive driving can lead to accidents and can damage your car as well.

The Worst Cities To Drive In Southern California

  • Sacramento - California's capital city ranks highly on this list and is the only city nestled along the coast. Almost everyone in California is aware that traffic is worse on roads that lie in proximity to the ocean however traffic in the capital city is spread throughout. On average, a person is stuck at least 64 hours a year in traffic jams.
  • San Francisco - This city is nestled across Oakland and every year it tops the list when it comes to traffic. There is hardly any room for additional infrastructure left in this place and this is what makes it a crowded city.
  • Los Angeles - San Francisco and Los Angeles are a team and together take the top position amongst the cities with the worst traffic. An average Angelino spends about 103 hours in traffic. The traffic is worse on Friday evenings. Los Angeles is also home to some of the most car accidents in the country with more than 36,000 car accidents per year. 

Source: The Accident Guys Los Angeles 

  • San Diego - This place features fantastic weather, beaches, and pleasant vibes, and thanks to this, millions of tourists visit this place every year. Apart from this, at least three million people are residing here. All of this leads to traffic and in most cases, severe traffic. On average, a person spends at least 70 hours in traffic here annually.
  • Oakland - While this city is at number three on the list, the traffic problem persists only because of San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the most popular places for employment and due to the demand for houses, rent prices have shot up. This is why people are forced to live in the neighboring city of Oakland. Hence the commute patterns have changed drastically thereby leading to severe traffic.


While California is well known for its notorious traffic, the reputation isn't fair for this golden state. A few other states also have serious traffic issues however don’t get highlighted because of lesser tourist footfall. One thing you should do whenever you are in traffic. Follow all the rules and you will stay safe. Avoid getting frustrated and driving rashly as this will only land you in trouble…or the hospital.

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