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Muscle cars have always captivated attention and imagination; that is why virtually every Hollywood blockbuster has at least one at the center of all the action. In terms of muscle cars, the Shelby GT500 name is a head-turner on its own. However, when you buy 2021 Shelby GT500 parts to accessorize it, you mix pure horsepower with beauty and style.

Here are several GT500 accessories every Shelby owner should seriously consider.

The Ground Rules

Sure, Shelby ST500 accessories must bring elegance to raw power, but they also must enhance the overall Shelby experience. Not many people, after all, want to experience the pin-your-ears-back, brute power of the Shelby GT500 5.2L Supercharged Cross Plane Crank V8 engine, while decorated like a 1960’s “Love Bug.”

So, any accessories for the GT500 must be able to merge performance, power and refined attractiveness in a way that does not stick out like a sore thumb.

Performance Hood Pin Beauty Ring Kit

The GT500 comes with standard hood pins. An upgrade are these customized hood pins that are easy to install, engraved with the Shelby name and highlight the quality and precision of Bullitt construction. Hood pins are not the dominant feature of any vehicle but done right, they can make a bold statement.

Rear Seat Delete Kits

A rear-seat delete replaces the rear seat with one to two installed pieces. It allows for other enhancements, like a roll bar, to be installed or to shed weight (approximately 20 pounds) without sacrificing the integrity of the vehicle. While the rear seat is lost while the delete is present, the look and feel of the delete make a statement in and of themselves. Depending on the type of delete kit, installation is done by clips and access to the trunk is as easy as lowering the back of the delete.

Front and Rear Lens Vinyl Tint Kit

Custom fitted tint kits take the naturally aggressive look of the Shelby GT500 and add to it a menacing aura by darkening the front and rear lenses. The Amber Corner Lens Tint Kit, for example, covers the amber reflector in the headlights with a darkened tint, making the already sexy GT500 look even more alluring. Tint kits can be added to the front or rear of the vehicle and cover the following:

  • Headlights 
  • Amber Corner Lens
  • Front Side Markers/Fog Lights 
  • Mirror Markers 
  • Tail Light Pieces 
  • 3rd Brake Light Coupe 
  • Reverse Light 
  • Lower Bumper and Side Marker Lights

A lens tint kit will not make your Shelby go faster, but it will make it look sleeker and meaner.

Customized Internal Mats

Internal mats keep your Shelby clean and make cleaning the interior much easier. Whether you keep the rear seats or not, internal mats fit driver and passenger seats and rear seats, shielding them from dust, debris, dirt and moisture. And they are available in almost any color imaginable.

This is just a shortlist of popular accessories that will not break the bank. Other options include GT500 accessories for the front splitter, a hood vent, and trim panels for the front bumper and rear decklid.

Regardless, however you deck out your Shelby, done right, and you have a vehicle that looks as mean as its engine performs.

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