There is a vast array of choices available for sale, both online and in-store, when it comes to selecting a Smart TV (and let’s face it, almost anything else!). You would think that having access to all this would make it simpler to make a selection and pick the right model for your needs, but it has been shown that having too many options can lead to a form of selection fatigue. Somewhere amongst the different choices, lies a price range and performance class that will suit your pocket and requirements. Here’s how to navigate the market and pick the right one. 

Getting your head around the concept of resolution

A TV screen’s resolution refers to its picture quality, based on the amount of pixels that are available on the screen. If you don’t know what pixels are, those are the tiny dots of light that make up the screen display, that are responsible for creating the overall picture you see when you watch TV.  Standard models, which are also known by the term 1080p, comprise about 2 million pixels, and is a low range, but decent quality option. In a higher quality bracket, Ultra HD, also known as UHD, are made up of around 8 million pixels, which will clearly result in a far greater visual quality. Interestingly, it is estimated that we will soon be seeing 8K Smart TVs soon, which are set to contain over 33 million pixels – by far the highest quality that we will ever have seen in our lifetime! 

What is the best size for a screen?

The size of a screen is the one aspect of a TV that will have the greatest say over your purchasing decision, after the screen resolution. The size of a TV is calculated both on the thickness of the unit, as well as the actual surface area of the screen. The size that you end up choosing, however, will depend on several factors, such as whether you would like it to be thinner and more streamlined (or whether this even matters to you), the size of the room that will house the unit, and the available wall or floor space. A screen that is too large for the room it is in can become difficult to see, due to depth of vision being affected by being too close to a large screen. A TV that is too small for the room it is in can look silly, and almost disappear in a larger space. The golden rule of maintaining proportion applies to any unit you are looking at purchasing. 

It’s all about the money

Other than the space and dimensions, the factor that will probably wield the greatest influence over your decision, is the amount of money you have budgeted for this purchase. Try searching for Smart TV deals online first. Sales staff will always direct you towards a more expensive model because this is where the commission is. Keep a clear head and stick to what you know to be suitable, and you will easily find something suitable!

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