It is summer time again! And it is the time when everyone craves for the outdoors. Many have already kick started their summer plans while others are yet to start off but have a definite plan for the summer. If you do not have any plans for the outdoors this season for whatever reason, it is still cool and you can still have a great time this season with whatever suits you best.

However, for those people going outdoors and hoping you have packed the dresses fit for the occasion, here is a little breakdown of the basics.

What Is A Beach Dress?

There is no particular definition of what a beach dress is, it is not even in a formal category of its own. However, it is just the outfit most suitably worn and comfortable for the outdoors. It can also be called a sun dress; you can read more about it here.

Obviously, people are different and will have their own ideas of what a comfortable or a suitable outfit for the occasion is. However, though ideas differ yet you wouldn’t want to be the odd person at the beach or in a group would you? Mind you, everyone appreciates a person well attired for an occasion. Note that the men will generally be fine however they go about it but for women, you cannot afford to be off the mark in your attire. So here are some tips for you.

Ideas on Choosing What To Wear For Beach Vacations

Basically, the range of what you choose to wear is dependent on how long you plan to stay for the vacation. It is important to note that it is not just a day’s activity but a collection of activities within a period of time. For this reason, you have to ask yourself:

What Is The Occasion?

Summer time is a whole season of about four months and there are bound to be some activities that will take you to the beach or for a quick hangout around it. The question you should answer is; what is the occasion? If you can define this, it narrows down your choice of what you want to wear to what fits the occasion.

How Do You Want To Look?

There are several ways that one could look for the occasion, but you have to make up your mind and be clear on how you want to appear for the occasion. Do you want to look casual? Chick? Sexy? Boho? Or any other fashion look that you desire. 

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Putting On The Right Outfit Combination

After you have made the above considerations, the next issue on the table is putting on the right outfit combinations that will give you that cute look you long for. Here are some ideas depending on the occasion:

Outfit for a Beach Vacation

One accessory that you should always have is your hat and sunglasses; you can also throw in a boho bag for good measure. For the dress you need simple breezy tops (you might already have it or you go buy) and some shorts (probably chinos shorts).

Boho Beach Outfit

Most of your time in the sun, you’ll probably be in a bikini however, you could add some spice to your dressing. This you can do by adding a boho flowy floral cover up, a hat and some beaded accessories to complete the set. If the floral patterns and the embroidery of the cover up match, the better the outlook on you.

General Summer Outfit

This is a casual style dressing that could be your general dressing style this season. Here you can go with a spaghetti strap top (you can wear a bikini underneath in case the opportunity to go dip in the water comes) and shorts.

Outfit For Summer Dates

This season also presents the opportunity to meet someone new, someone you might go out on a date with or just a date with your partner. Where this happens, you do have a number of options but have you ever tried a maxi dress of any style for such an occasion? You should know that maxi dresses for beach vacation is a vibe as it is simple, covers you up and it is sexy.


There is a dress for each season and a dress for the different occasions in a season. And since it’s summer time, one has to make adequate preparations for it.

This is especially so if you are going to be hitting the outdoors. Getting the right women’s beach dress for you will in addition to the fun, make you look the part.

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