Herbalife Nutrition has sought to make good nutrition available to people worldwide with its nutritional supplements. Its protein shakes are a popular way to get good nutrition, and they're easy to make and great tasting. For more than 40 years, Herbalife has been trusted by people from all walks of life who want to do something better with their diet. People who have never tried Formula 1 or any other supplement before may wonder just how healthy they are. Developed by scientists, Herbalife protein shakes are carefully crafted to be highly nutritious. They can also lead to weight loss when they replace meals. 

Herbalife Formula 1

One reason that so many people start with protein shakes and then just give up is that they get bored with them. That's not the case with those who choose Herbalife shakes. Herbalife shakes are made in 13 different flavors, making it possible to keep the shakes interesting every day. Millions of people every day enjoy their Herbalife shakes, and they can have peace of mind in knowing that they're doing something healthy with their diets. 

Formula 1 is so popular that people in more than 90 countries want to make their diet healthier by enjoying these shakes. It has won numerous awards in various countries that have recognized it for its health benefits. It has also earned a product review history that shows just how many people love their shakes. A Formula 1 shake is low in calories and high in nutritional value to help people get the daily nutrients they need. It makes a complete meal, and it uses plant-based protein created by food scientists and nutritionists. It's also a good product for losing weight because of its low-calorie count. 

Herbalife Shakes and Weight Loss

Too many people today eat meals that are highly processed and full of empty calories. Meals have grown in calories over the years, and now a typical breakfast will contain an average of 550 calories. Even then, it may not give you much nutrition despite its high-calorie count. A Formula 1 shake, however, is just 190 calories when it's made with skim milk. This allows for many nutrients and a high amount of protein to be consumed for a lower number of calories. This can aid in weight loss for those who need it. 

When your diet is healthier and you take in fewer calories, losing weight is the natural progression. In a major Oxford study, it was discovered that using a meal replacement instead of a full meal resulted in more weight loss than other types of diets. Losing weight is often recommended to patients by their doctors who know how much better their health can be without the extra weight. 

A Healthier Diet

Getting fewer calories isn't as helpful if there are no important nutrients to go along with them. The problem that some shakes have is that they don't make the customer feel full, so they're still hungry and may overeat. That's why Herbalife shakes were developed with the idea of making the customer feel that they've seated a full meal and ensuring that it has what the body needs. The full feeling comes from the protein, the use of the glycemic index when formulating the shakes, and the nutrient density in each shake. Feeling full means you won't want to eat right after having a shake, making it easier to continue on a healthy diet that is not too calorie-heavy.

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