As a woman and a mother I need my sleep. Let me tell you there are so many nights that I am completely restless. I recently found out about Celestial Silk and let me tell you- I am in LOVE! I MEAN LOVE! They offer Pure Mullberry Silk Pillowcases & Accessories for better sleep! 

Now there are so many benefits to sleeping with silk pillowcases! They protect your hair, draw moisture from your face, naturally hypoallergenic, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I could go on and on! Let's show you what we received!

The first thing that I opened was the headband. This is made with Made from 22 momme mulberry silk and comes in a satin bag. It is adorable and elegant! 

I will be wearing this when I get ready for the day putting on my makeup. It makes me feel cute and looks fancy to be honest. I love it! You can get your Mulberry Silk Twisted Headband for $21.99! Check out the other colors they have to offer. I chose black because I felt like it compliments the theme of my room.

Now, let's talk about the packaging for my pillowcase. GORGEOUS!! Look how it came wrapped in tissue paper! Oh so cute!

They have over 25 colors and designs available on their website. I chose this adorable pink one because it matches my bedroom perfectly! 

Look how cute this is! And YES it feels just as comfortable as it looks! 

I slept SO GOOD last night! I am absolutely in love with this pillowcase and I wish I had this sooner! I am so thankful that I found out about Celestial Silk! 

If you are wondering, their silk pillowcases start out at the price of $38.99. They have a variety of colors and styles for anyone and everyone! Get yours here. This would make the PERFECT Valentine's Day gift for her! They also offer free shipping for orders over $25! Check them out! Visit their social media below to stay up to date with the latest on things too!

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