More than feelings, love, and happiness are commitments and conscious decisions. That rings most true in relationships. Making your partner happy requires some active intention. Even if you think that your partner is the epitome of happiness, you will be shocked to know that there is always room for improvement. Here are some simple hacks to make your partner happier than they already are:

Create room for open communication

Communication is an essential element of all healthy relationships. Your partner will be happier when there are open lines of communication devoid of judgement. Open communication works wonders in relationships regardless of the individual personality traits or level of commitment of the relationship. It is also much easier to navigate conflict when there are clear lines of communication. Be sure to keep distractions like phones and laptops at bay when having conversations.

The small things matter

Much after the novelty of a relationship wears off, it is easy to forget the seemingly small things like please and thank you. Extending that courtesy to your partner makes them feel appreciated. Being kind and extending small niceties go a long way in ensuring respect with your partner. Compliment your partner when they do something for you. Showing gratitude will help them feel good about themselves. It will feed into the relationship and help create a stronger bond.

Exchange gifts

Gift-giving will never go out of style. The practice has been around for ages and will still last generations because of its effectiveness at showing gratitude. Words are great, but they may not have the longevity gifts have. Also, gifting can serve several purposes. Gifting can help manifest emotions, celebrate milestones, rekindle romance, and convey an apology. You don’t have to stick to the usual gifts. Have some fun and get your partner a quirky gift like a real whizzinator XXX. You will get a good chuckle out of it, and your partner will appreciate the gesture.

Get healthier together

Your partner will be happy to get their health life in order with you. Carve out time out of your busy schedules to exercise together. You will enjoy the high from exercise together. Getting banging bodies from it will be a much-welcome bonus.

Do not sweat the small stuff

It is annoying for your partner if you keep dwelling on tiny mistakes that they made. They will appreciate it more if it does not seem like you have a record of wrongs. Learn to let some things slide. Extend some grace to your partner when they make a mistake. Remember, there are also some things that your partner may find annoying about you, and you sure as hell would not appreciate it one bit if they kept going on and on about them.

Schedule date nights

Don’t allow yourself to fall into a boring routine. Keep things fresh and exciting by scheduling date nights every other time. You can make it a monthly thing or a weekly thing. The dates do not have to be at fancy restaurants. Make things fun by adding in a few things to learn together. Learn a new language or a new instrument. It will be fun to have a common goal. You could also make it competitive. A little bit of competition never hurts anybody.

Wrapping up

A significant element in making your partner happy is supporting them in their goals and aspirations. Try and pay attention to their interests to show that you care. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you will enjoy a healthier relationship for it.

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