Having someone to love and care for in today's world is a blessing. That is why celebrating every milestone that they achieve is important. Getting a year older is a milestone that should not be taken for granted. To make them feel extra special on this day, you could do the following;

Send Flowers

You can never go wrong if you are planning to send flowers for birthday to the one you love. Most people have types of flowers that they love. Even though red roses are known to be the flowers of love, you shouldn't be limited to them. Go for what your partner loves. Whether it is lilies, carnations, orchids, or tulips, among others. Have a beautiful arrangement made and then delivered to their workplace or at home. The flower arrangement can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. If you don't know the types of flower arrangements to choose from don’t worry the florists will help you out.

Take Them On Vacation

Who wouldn't want to relax? Taking your partner to a place they have wanted to go will make it extra special. You can organize tours of the area. The two of you can go out and visit the hot spots in that destination.

If not, then let them be pampered. Organize a spa treatment for them. This trip can either be a surprise or not. It all depends on your partner's job and schedule. Such a trip will be a great birthday present for your partner. It will help the two of you to have some alone time together to bond.

Organize A Photoshoot

Photos are great because they usually last forever. I know that selfies are common nowadays and won't miss in any event. However, I suggest that you get everyone to dress and look according to one chosen theme.

You can try dressing up to depict the Victorian days or like the actors in star wars. Whatever tickles your partner's fancy. Have someone do your make-up and find outfits to match. Get a professional photographer to do a whole photoshoot. They will have a blast and remember that birthday forever.

Put Up A Donut Wall

Instead of having cake at your partner's birthday celebration, you can have a donut wall. Most bakeries can do this without a problem. The baker can include all flavors of donuts on it. You, your partner, and the birthday guests can take photos while taking a bite from the wall made of donuts.


Yes, you read it right. This is in case the two of you haven't made your union official yet. Taking this step to ask for their hand in marriage on the day they were born is not only bold but unique and memorable too.

Depending on your partner's personality, you can make it a huge event. That will involve inviting friends and family to witness it. If that isn't favorable, then you can organize an intimate one between the two of you.


These are a few ideas that you can execute to make your partner's birthday extra special. Trying them will make you score points with that special person in your life. Nonetheless, don't forget to tell them that you love them every single day.

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