Skydance Media is a well-known production house that has delivered blockbuster hits, such as Top Gun: Maverick, Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible: Fallout, True Grit, and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The success of the movies by Skydance Media influenced the founder, David Ellison, to expand his business. He has set his sights on film and television using animated media.

To grow in the field of animation, David Ellison launched an animated vision of the company by the name of Skydance Animation. It was founded in 2010 and is led by the legendary animation guru John Lasseter. Ellison has high expectations of John Lasseter, and on his joining of Skydance Animation, Ellison shared that "John is an exceptional genius and creative whose impact on the animation business cannot be overlooked." 

Skydance Animation’s mission is to offer an animation experience that the audience has never seen before. In the reliable hands of John Lasseter, the company strives to develop unique and entertaining plots and characters for animated films, shorts, and TV shows. 

John Lasseter is serving as the new head of animation at Skydance Animation. The company is touching new heights of success under his supervision. Lasseter has managed the company's overall animation strategy, development, and planning of all projects. He's already started working on two huge animated projects, Spellbound and Luck. Overall, the studio has four upcoming animation projects, including Spellbound, Luck, Pookoo, and Ray Gunn. Aside from that, John Lasseter is signing up for many deals with streaming platforms and toy manufacturers.

A couple of new toy licenses add to the buzz surrounding the company. Spellbound toys will be designed and manufactured by PMI Limited and Spin Master in collaboration with Skydance Animation. Spin Master is making some automobile-related toys for the film's characters. Likewise, PMI Limited has been tasked with producing Spellbound keychains, stationery, games, and plush toys. In 2021, Skydance Animation made a short animation film, Blush, for Apple TV+, directed by Joe Mateo, which has outstanding reviews. 

Apple TV+ has signed another agreement with John Lasseter and Skydance Animation in which Apple TV+ has acquired the rights to Spellbound and Luck. Additionally, the arrangement also covers the continuance of Skydance Animation's animated TV series, The Search For WondLa, for two more seasons. 

Lasseter is also keen to develop an all-star team at Skydance Animation. Through that goal, he convinced some of his old colleagues from Pixar and Disney to join Skydance Animation. This includes Brad Bird, Alan Menken, and Rich Moore. 

Brad Bird and Rich Moore will be working together on Ray Gun, which is Brad Bird's insightful animated short. Brad Bard has been in the process of developing his animated movie for a few years, and with the help of Lasseter, the dream will come true through Skydance Animation. Brad Bird previously worked on the Disney films Ratatouille and The Incredibles with Lasseter.

The former CCO of Walt Disney, Rich Moore, is also a part of John Lasseter's team. Rich Moore brings exceptional experience and skills to the team. He was part of smashing hits, including Zootopia, Frozen, and Tangled, and now he has agreed to a long-term partnership with Skydance Animation. Ray Gunn will be his first project with Skydance Animation. Lasseter has also approached Alan Menken to join Skydance Animation. He is being offered to provide his great musical expertise to Spellbound. Menken is an Academy Award winner for his contributions to Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast.

About John Lasseter

John Lasseter is a renowned animator, director, producer, and writer in the animated film industry. From a very young age, Lasseter had a keen interest in drawing and art, and his mother encouraged him to pursue his talent for animation. He completed his graduation from the California Institute of Arts. After that, he was hired as a Disney animator and was an early collaborator on numerous films, including The Fox and the Hound and The Black Cauldron. 

When he joined Lucasfilm (now Pixar), he developed Toy Story, the company's first digital animation movie. He is credited as a pioneer of CGI in movies and is widely credited for Pixar's success. He was the chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney, where he worked on some of the world's finest animated pictures, including Cars, A Bug's Life, Frozen, Finding Nemo, Brave, Up, and Inside Out. In 2019, Skydance Animation hired John Lasseter as its head of animation, and he continues to deliver phenomenal content in the animated industry.

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