The arrival of a new baby creates untold happy ripples in the family, making the new mom proud. New moms should be sure to take care of themselves in the first six weeks, known as the postpartum period, to stay as healthy as possible.


Every effort is taken to serve the new baby and fulfill all its essential needs, and parents are often up at strange hours to do so. This can mean very little time for the new mom to rest or sleep, which takes a significant toll on their body. Try to get help from family and friends or hire babysitters to take care of the baby to ensure you get enough rest for yourself to replenish your body's energy. 

Good sleep helps your body recover, regain strength, and adjust to the new requirements of your schedule. Try energy replenishing IV treatment in Seattle to boost your immunity and recover faster while you rest. Drip Hydration, Zen flow, Immanence Health, and Holistique IV Lounge are among the places in Seattle that offer IV drip services in a relaxed environment.


New moms need a break from constant caregiving, and self-care time is the best to do that. Apply a face pack, deep condition your hair, and book a home beautician to do a manicure or pedicure. Get one treatment each week to feel refreshed and pampered for an hour. Several IV drip companies provide skin rejuvenating treatments and IV solutions to combat postpartum fatigue. 

Skincare helps maintain body hygiene and look good, which increases confidence. Take a relaxing warm bath with scented bath oils, and clean childbirth-related wounds with the necessary antiseptics to maintain total body skincare.


Some moms find snuggling with the baby all day long is enough relaxation as the babies also require constant attention. But indulging in other relaxing activities, even taking a stroll around your garden or visiting a local church without the baby, is also vital. 

Taking time away from your new role as mom helps you concentrate on other things and fully relax. Use self-care time to read a book, watch your favorite show, or release pent-up energy by playing a video game. Relaxation may be hearing their favorite music for some and laughing aloud while watching a stand-up comedy for others. Whatever you choose, make sure that you incorporate some “you” time every day. 


Postpartum days are tricky, and many women will experience urine leakage, constant bleeding, and even uncontrollable lactation in some cases. Do minimal physical activities like using a treadmill or lifting light weights to energize your muscles. Use steppers or mini pedaling bikes when you watch television or sit on the bed rocking the baby to exercise your legs. Be extra careful exercising if you deliver a baby through C-section.

 It’s also important to do some hand and shoulder stretching exercises regularly, as carrying the baby may cause stiff shoulders for some mothers. Take the necessary vitamins and other medications suggested by your doctor to regain your full strength. 

Eat healthy 

Postpartum depression is common as many mothers feel inadequate when they cannot handle their babies. The house gets messy, and it can feel as though there is no time to eat, clean, or wash. It can be easier to eat junk food than taking time to prepare a healthy meal. 

Eating healthy food gives you enough nourishment to tackle the extra workload and tension. Take a fruit or a salad instead of chips or fast food and eat nuts, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables whenever possible.
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