While the purpose of a car is to transport us from one place to another, the truth is that it may need a lift itself from time to time. And no, I am not talking about the scenario of the vehicle breaking down and needing to be towed away. Even perfectly functioning cars sometimes have to be transported, as that makes things easier both on the machines and on the drivers. And while a vehicle can perhaps withstand longer drives than you expected, which is explained by this useful source, those drives can take a toll on it, not to mention on the health of the driver.

So, to cut right to the chase, sometimes people need to use cars shipping services, as that’s the most convenient option for pretty much everybody involved. Haven’t used that service before? Then you might not even know what it consists of, and let alone how to do it right. Important questions.

What Is Car Shipping?

Important questions require answers. And we’ll start with the basic one. Car shipping is a service you get from companies working in that industry, and it consists of your vehicle being safely transported from one location to another without you having to drive it. Professionals pick it up at the first location, and then you pick it up at the second one, after agreeing on all the terms of the process.

As you can see, the service is pretty straightforward. And, people often rely on it because it is easier, safer, as well as more cost-effective when you factor in all the expenses you’d have if you decided to take a long road trip and drive the vehicle yourself. Thinking of using this service too? Then you ought to do it right!

If you don’t understand how driving long hours can be damaging to your health, this could help: 


How to Do It Right?

So, as mentioned, you ought to do this right. Not having had the chance to do it in the past, you could be confused about the process and unaware of everything you’ll need to do so as for the service to be a success. While it’s normal to be confused about this, you’ll need to get your facts straight once you start needing the service. And, if you’re ready to get your facts straight, you should read on to figure out how to do this right.

1.     Pick Your Shipping Option

First and foremost, you’ll need to pick your shipping option. Some companies offered enclosed, others offer open shipping, while some offer both of these solutions. Figuring out the pros and cons of both of these solutions and deciding which one could be best for you is a must, because you can’t take any further steps prior to making that particular choice. So, think carefully about it and decide what you want.

2.     Choose the Right Company

Once you’ve decided the option you want to use, your next steps should be focused on finding the right company to provide you with it. Researching different ones in great detail, aiming at getting as much information as you can, will lead you to deciding on this more easily. Comparing the information you’ve found and ultimately selecting the right company for you should be your goal. And, remember, the firm you choose should be reputable, reliable and trustworthy, because you’ll be entrusting your car to them.

3.     Schedule Early

Scheduling your shipping service early will, among other things, have an impact on the price you will pay. So, when you can, try to schedule as early as possible. Of course, there’s a chance you may need car shipping services right away, if you’ve just now bought your vehicle for example and you need it transported, and that’s perfectly fine. Still, whenever you can, scheduling early should be your goal, as it will reduce your total costs. Approximately 2 to 4 weeks prior to the desired ship date should be fine.

4.     Prepare the Vehicle

After having scheduled the service, you’ll need to get your vehicle ready. This involves not only cleaning it and removing your personal belongings from it, especially valuable ones, but also taking it to the mechanics and checking for any damage. Properly preparing the vehicle will make the process more secure for everyone.

5.     Inspect Upon Pick-up and Upon Delivery

Since I’ve mentioned checking for damage, this is something you should do upon pick-up and upon delivery as well. When the professionals arrive, you should inspect the vehicle together, recording any damages. And then, once the car is delivered to your desired location, you should perform the inspection again, checking for any new damages the costs of which the company may need to cover for you. Performing the inspections is a must, so don’t skip these steps.

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