WOW, what a journey this has been! I have been talking about Cars 3 for months now. From going on my press tour, to riding in a pace car around a speedway, this journey has been amazing. Cars 3 is in theaters today. You CANNOT MISS THIS. Before the movie, you will be seeing a Pixar short known as "LOU". This short is so cute and powerful. Check out the clip below!
We were able to screen and have a chat with two amazing people!
Director Dave Mullins and Producer Dana Murray present the animated short, LOU at Pixar Animation Studios on March 27, 2017. (Photo by Marc Flores)
Meet Director Dave Mullins and Producer Dana Murray.

One thing that I have to say about LOU is that it will give you the feels. YES, you will have that tug at your heartstrings because the storyline is just adorable. I had a few tears. We learned about the production pipeline in the presentation and it was really interesting to hear.
Director Dave Mullins and Producer Dana Murray present the animated short, LOU at Pixar Animation Studios on March 27, 2017. (Photo by Marc Flores)

We learned from Dave that Pixar films have very specific ingredients. Pixar films have heart, entertainment, setting and animation. Heart meaning the main characters flawed and experiences personal growth. Entertainment meaning the story has to be unpredictable and funny. Setting meaning the film needs to transport the viewer or audience to some place that is exciting and new and animation meaning the film must be called to be animated and must use animation’s full potential. 

We learned that in 2005 he started coming up with ideas for short films. After pitching various ones, he came up with this one! In 2012 he pitched one. It’s a story about a lost and found pile that loves to give toys back, but a bully starts to steal toys and Lou fights back. In the end, Lou gives the bully back the one thing he really wants, his long lost stuffed animal, changing the bully’s heart. In 2015 he  met Dana Murray as Lou’s producer!

When she was brought on, it was a go! She told us that "Besides the obvious things that a producer takes care of like building a schedule and a budget, and building a team, I would say most of my focus was on making sure we stayed true to the story that Dave wanted to tell." Features happened to come along and the meant that they were shut down and back at them in 6 months. When they started again, they designed LOU and then they designed their bully JJ. After they designed, they started working with the story department.

After coming up with the story comes edit. They began a rough assembly. They decided to hide LOU in the beginning of the film to give the moment of seeing him a much bigger impact. When at Pixar he learned that what he pitched did not necessarily play well on the screen. When at Pixar, you are never really done with story. That was neat to hear too! He has seen other director's story changes but never experienced it himself. 

They went back to the drawing board and reworked the entire story from scratch. They took notes notes notes and said that story is never done. By working on the story they found humor and entertainment that was missing from the original version. LOU was not a traditional character. He was all stuff. You will see what I mean when you watch the film. They had to animate by hand. A secret about the bully JJ- His initials stood for his mom Joyce Jean! HOW SWEET. He wanted to have someone immortalized in the film that he loved. 

They had LOU sculpted and the film changed again. They had to re-make once it want into the computer. After animation came lighting and so on. The film starts cool and drab and then it has a lot of contrast during the big action. It ends with warmth and color that fits the emotional ending. Now for sound- when you have a film you need sound.  They had percussionists. 14 of them to be exact. Each one woul dplay one note at a time and it went around in a circle. It was quirky and went with LOU. They headed to Skywalker Sound where you create effects and mix music. At the end of Summer 2016, it was READY! 

This short was SO CUTE and I can't wait for you to see it! You will not want to miss this for sure! Be sure to watch it before you watch CARS 3 in theaters today!!!
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